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Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season


Tis’ the season to give back and here at Gentleman’s Box we are all about doing good! Many time when you hear the word “charity” you think of giving money towards an organization or simply writing a check. But many times we do not know where that donation will be going. But that does not have to be the case. Today we are going to share with you ways to give back this holiday season in more ways than just donating money.

Donate Your Time

Get involved this holiday season with organizations that are close to your heart or interests. Sing up to be a bell ringer and collect donations for the Salvation Army. You can team up with a friend and spend a couple of hours doing something good. Locate your local soup kitchen and ask when they need volunteers to serve meals to those who are less fortunate. Once you’re done serving, spend some time chatting with strangers; you never know the stories you’ll hear or the lessons you may learn! The American Red Cross is always accepting donations to help those all around the US who have suffered injuries. Your donation could save hundreds of lives! Lastly, you can always keep it simple by helping your neighbor shovel their driveway. Your random act of kindness will mean the world to them and bring joy into their life. Giving your time can be more appreciated than any dollar bill will go.

Donate Your Things

We all know Spring cleaning is a thing, but what about winter cleaning? You’re about to put away all your Summer and Fall items, so why not go through your clothing, shoes, and home goods, and donate them? Organizations like Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or even a local family in need will benefit from them more than your closet will. If you are religious, many churches have families who are in need and ask for donations. So if you have tags still on the clothing, gather them up and look for the families who are in need of clothing. What you don’t want, someone is longing for.

If You Can, Donate Towards a Cause

If you can donate, put some thought behind it and give towards a good cause. Don’t just slip $1 into the red bucket for Salvation Army or write a check to a local organization. Instead, get your friends together and have a gifting party. Gather supplies to create baskets full of school supplies to give towards schools in need, gather food, blankets, and cleaning supplies that you can donate to a local animal shelter, or go shopping for toys to donate towards Toys for Tots. If you are lucky enough to be able to donate an item, hand deliver them; it will go much further.

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