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The Ultimate Gentleman’s Guide to Hosting A Backyard BBQ


Warmer temps are here and that means it is time to pull out the grill and grab your friends. There is no better way to show off your cooking, backyard and hosting skills than by throwing a backyard BBQ. We have prepared the ultimate guide to help you host the best backyard bash, and take the title as the “grillmaster” from all of your friends.




TIP #1: Pick a date and inform your friends.

Don’t wait till the last minute or you risk the chance of having a 1 man party. Give at least a week or two heads up, even a month would be ideal.


TIP #2: Set the space.

Start with the essentials such as seating and tables.  From there add the flair. Add some hanging lights, decorative pillows, outdoor blankets (if chilly evening), a patio fire pit, and an outdoor rug. Hanging plants and/or large floor plants also warm a space up and make it more inviting. Make the outdoor space feel like an indoor space, minus the walls and ceiling. All the work building this dope chill spot will pay off because you can enjoy it all season!


TIP # 3: Set the mood with some tunes.

Prior to your bash, determine the mood you want to set and seek fitting music. You can go old school and create a throwback playlist, certain to be a hit with everyone, or you can go smooth with instrumental music, perfect for ambiance. If you are on Spotify, there are a ton of already created BBQ/Backyard playlist you can explore if you don’t have time to make your own.

TIP #4: Have a variety of meats prepared and ready to throw on the grill.

When shopping for meats, try and offer at least one seafood option, one meat option, and one vegetarian option. This could be shrimp skewers, hot dogs, and portabella burgers. Offering a variety will keep all guests happy. Also, do all the marinating prior to the event so you have more time to socialize.

TIP #5: Have at least 3 side dishes.

Don’t expect your guests to just eat meat and be satisfied. Add at least 3 other smaller dishes to the menu such as corn on the cob, a classic salad and mashed potatoes. Again, variety will keep all your guests satisfied, no matter their dietary preferences


TIP #6: Don’t forget the appetizers.

While you are working the grill, your guests will want to mingle and munch. Have appetizers such as chips and salsa, chips and dip and veggies and ranch, placed on some of the tables will keep your guests from getting “hangry.”

TIP #7: Set up an outdoor bar.

If you are serving up food, you must also offer some beverages. Have a variety of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks available, as well as garnishes. You can’t go wrong with offering vodka, tequila, whiskey, 3 varieties of pop, juice or tea of some sort and H2O. For garnishes have limes, lemons, and pineapple. If you want to be really fancy, make a fun summery punch or mojito ahead of time, ready to serve. Don’t forget the tiny umbrellas.

TIP #8: Games!

Offering games give your friends something more to do than eat and drink and helps to create memories. You can’t go wrong with Guess Who, Uno, Jenga, bag toss, Twister, and Cornhole. If including alcohol at this gathering, why not set up beer pong or flip the cup.


TIP #9: Just have fun!

This is the most important tip of them all!


We hope we gave you some good ideas and tips for hosting your next backyard bbq. Embrace the good weather, get outside and have some fun! Looking for additional tips, check out our COOKOUT ESSENTIALS video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCqH84dsn6A



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