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When you hear the word summer, one of the first things that come to mind is “adventure.” It’s a time to get out, explore, see new things, and enjoy being outside. While you are planning your summer adventures, we are going to help you make sure you have all your travel essentials.

Luggage + Packing

Even if you are someone who travels often, or maybe 1-2 times a year, investing in nice luggage is a must. You never want to be traveling and have your cheap luggage break on you and make you have to purchase another set. Invest in a 2-3 piece luggage set or leather duffle bag that will last you many years to come.

Here are some of our favorite styles!


If you are traveling and need to fit a lot into a small suitcase, look at purchasing packing cubes. They are a cloth cube that will keep your clothing compact and are easy to stack in your suitcase. These are true travel essentials!

Also, f you aren’t a pro yet on how to pack your weekend bag/luggage, check out our easy “how-to” video here!

Tech for Your Travels

As much as not using technology or gadgets on vacation is fantastic, sometimes they make life on the road easier! One of the best finds is a handheld steamer! If you are stuffing a bunch into your packing cubes, you need to make sure you have an easy way to get the wrinkles out of your clothing. They are around $20 on Amazon, and a true travel essential!

No matter what tech accessories you’re traveling with, make sure you have a tech dopp kit to put them all in! Our Summer Premium Box | The Coastal Edition featured a leather dopp kit from Brouk & Co! If you want to get your own, sign up for our Premium Subscription right here! Want to see what we put in our tech dopp kit? Check out our video here!

Organization is Key

Getting to the airport and getting checked in may be one of the most stressful times during your entire trip. So make sure, before you leave the house, you are well organized! Make sure your passport is in a passport case to keep it safe and easy to find and your ticket printed and easily accessible. Also, with so many black pieces of luggage, make sure you have a luggage tag on yours so that it is easily spotted!

In our July 2018 Gentleman’s Box, we featured both a passport case and luggage tag from Honorable Beast, perfect for all your adventures! Want to get these two travel essentials? Sign up for your own July Gentleman’s Box here!

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