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Top 5 Shoe Styles You Need for Spring and Summer


Spring is finally here, so it’s time to ditch those heavy winter boots and trade them in for a more lightweight option. We are going to share with you the top 5 Spring and Summer shoe styles you need in your wardrobe + the best ways to style them!

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are a staple for the warmer months. You can wear them with no-show socks and even dress them up or down. If you’re headed out the door quick to run some errands, pair them with a simple v-neck and lightweight shorts, or if you have a date night planned, pair them with a fun patterned short sleeve button down and a nice pair of chinos.

Sperry Boat Shoe Sperry Boat Shoe Sperry Boat Shoe

Clean and Fresh

White sneakers are the new brown dress shoe. The new trend is for gents to pair their suits with fresh white sneakers, and we aren’t hating it. It’s an easy way to dress any look down, but make sure the sneakers you invest in are of a leather material so they give off still a professional look. White leather sneakers look especially good with a blue suit, white button down and no tie.


Colorful Kicks

Spring and Summertime is all about color! If you’re someone who prefers a more monochromatic look, yet still wants to be trendy, a subtle yet bold way to incorporate this trend is by having colorful shoes! You don’t have to have multiple colors in your shoes, but a bold yellow or brighter blue will really step up any look!


Lightweight Dress Shoes

Wedding season is starting and wearing the same boring dress shoes to every event can get boring. Switch things up with a dessert boot or derby shoe! This light weight option will keep you stylist and on trend with the light and colorful options!


Sophisticated Slides

Who has time to waste tying your shoes? Just slip them on! The key with spring and summer shoes is versatility; make it easy to transition from a dressed down look to a more formal event. The loafer is the perfect shoe to do this.




Those are the Top 5 Spring and Summer shoe styles you need to have a well rounded wardrobe. Find out the top Spring and Summer fashion trends by clicking here! https://gentlemansbox.com/mens-spring-summer-fashion-trends/

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