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The Perfect Morning Routine For Men

Mornings—you either love them or you hate them. Whether you wake up on the right side of the bed every day or greet the world with a grimace and a groan, establishing the perfect morning routine is key to getting out the door on time and arriving at your destination in a good mood. 

Men have it a little bit easier than women. In general, our hair dries within a few minutes, we don’t have to put makeup on, and picking an outfit is a little less complex. That should leave you with some wiggle room for additional activities. That being said, we thought we’d share our favorite morning routine with our readers in the event you’re looking for any extra motivation. 

Keep in mind, you don’t have to add ALL of these things to your routine. We recommend starting small, especially considering how much commute times may vary. 

Step 1: Wake Up to Vibration, then Stretch It Out

Look for a setting on your phone or an app that allows you to set a vibration as your alarm as opposed to a sound. Take it from us—it’s way more peaceful to open your eyes to a subtle buzzing than a siren or other loud tone. Those just produce anxiety. 

Some people prefer to use a gadget that you place under your pillow. We just keep our phone on our nightstand. It’s plenty audible. (Bonus: it might bother your significant other less, too)

You know how when you first wake up your body is inclined to execute one of those big, arms-over-your-head stretches, accompanied by a yawn? That’s because you’ve been stuck in the same position all night and your muscles are stiff. 

Give yourself two minutes to do a few stretches. Try to hold each for 20-30 seconds. Our favorites are the classic toe touch, an abductor stretch (aka groin stretch) and a hip flexor stretch. You can Google all of them for a better picture of what they look like.

Step 2: Brush Your Teeth, Wash Your Face

Whether you’re a shower at night kind of guy or a shower in the morning kind of guy, there’s nothing like that just brushed, fresh-faced feeling. If you do shower in the morning, keep your face wash in the shower for easy access and to avoid splashing around in your sink. 

When you’re done washing your face, apply a moisturizer with SPF. Warm water is very drying to the skin, and in the winter, forget about it—your skin is begging for some hydration. 

We recommend a moisturizer with SPF because men age 49 and under have a higher probability of developing melanoma than any other cancer. You really can’t be too cautious. We included the Tiege Hanley Starter System in our March 2020 Gentleman’s Box for exactly this reason. 

The Starter System is one of a few Skin Care Routines for Men that Tiege Hanley sells. Depending on your needs and time, you may find one of their routines with eye cream or facial firming serum is right up your alley. 

For us, and for the sake of the perfect morning routine for men, we recommend the Starter System because it’s the two essential products we use every day that you can knock out in two minutes or less. It also gives you the ability to add any of those other Tiege Hanley products you may want a la carte. 

Step 3: Weigh Yourself, Get Dressed

Tracking your weight daily may seem obsessive but we find it really helpful. It’s important to realize that your weight fluctuates daily depending on your water intake, how much you’ve eaten, whether or not you worked out recently, etc. For that reason, it’s important to weigh yourself in the morning, before you’ve consumed anything. 

If you weigh yourself daily and take the average of those weights over the course of a week you will wind up with a really accurate idea of your true weight. You’ll also notice developing trends before they become real problems.

There are several theories being pushed by dieting companies that suggest weighing yourself once a week is more reliable. We think more data points provide a better perspective. 

We included a Bluetooth scale from Weight Gurus in our March 2020 Gentleman’s Box because that’s our preferred method for keeping this data top of mind. The cool thing about their interface is it displays right on your phone or tablet and integrates with other popular dieting tools like MyFitnessPal and Apple Health. 

Step 4: Eat Breakfast and Go!

So many people skip breakfast or grab it on the go after they leave their house. There’s more than one good reason to eat at home, though, including just having a moment to yourself to sit quietly and enjoy some nourishment.

For most people, eating breakfast will curb your appetite throughout the rest of the day, especially if you work some protein into the meal. Breaking your fast starts your metabolism and gets your body ready for exercises like critical thinking and judgment. 

It also saves you money and encourages healthier eating. Grabbing that donut or bagel from the corner store adds up and doesn’t fill you up. Imagine saving $5 a day for a week or a month, even. (Bonus: that morning weigh-in might feel better the next day)

Give It a Shot

If your morning routine needs a boost, give any or all of the above suggestions a try. Making breakfast is the one most likely to make you late for work, but you don’t need to bust out the omelet station every day. 

Starting the day off right often translates into finishing the day off strong, so go get ‘em!