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The Gentleman’s Guide To Golf Etiquette


11 Tips To Keep Your Golf Game On Point

Golf is a game of confidence and courtesy. To be successful you not only need to master the skills of the game but also make sure you master proper golf etiquette. Follow the rules below to be the ultimate gentleman on the course!


  1. Being on time is EVERYTHING. We know things happen in life, traffic is crazy, your wife needs you to pick the kids up from school because she’s stuck at work, but if you can avoid being late to the course, please do so. If your tee time is at 1:00, try to show up around 12:30.


  1. KEEP IT MOVING- Golfers love the game, but they don’t want it to take all day. Even if you aren’t a skilled golfer, you can still play within a decent time. Plan your next shot, and when it’s your turn be ready to swing.
  1. The Golf Course DOES have a dress code. Jeans, cut-offs, tank tops are all big nos. Wear a collared shirt, golf shoes, and shorts or pants that have belt loops.  Dirty shoes and a wrinkled shirt are another no go. A man that looks good, feels good! Take time in your appearance, feel confident and your game will follow!


  1. Don’t litter- leave the course in better shape than you found it. Keep a bag in your cart of any trash you might create while playing. Think of the course as your backyard, respect it as you do your own home.
  1. Be respectful of the rules of the particular course you are playing at. No two courses are the same. Follow their rules, or you could be spoken to. There is nothing more embarrassing than being called out for bad behavior.
  1. No one likes a cheater, agree on the rules before you tee off and stick to those rules.
  1. FORE! – Try to avoid hitting into the group in front of you, even if they are not following the golden rule (refer to rule 2).
  1. Don’t be sloppy, we know that golfing may come with adult beverages but remember to stay hydrated, and fueled up with food. The game is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. If you do purchase drinks, remember to tip the cart girl.
  1. Keep the noise down. No one cares that you know every word to bohemian rhapsody. Leave that for karaoke. Also, keep your phone on silent to avoid disrupting other golfers.
  1.  It’s dark- go home. Don’t be the last guy on the course.
  1. Last but not least- a hole-in-one buys drinks for everyone at the bar!

We hope you get out on the course this season and take along these tips! 


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