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Summer Tech Must-Haves | Gentleman’s Box


Happy first day of summer, gents! It’s time to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and live an adventurous life! Getting unplugged from the world is a great feeling, but sometimes you need gadgets to help you get from place to place. Today we are rounding up some of our favorite summer tech must-haves!

Solar Charger

You are not going to have the luxury of plugging your charger into an outlet if you’re out camping, or while out on the lake. Having a solar charger, which just like the name states, is a charger powered by the sun, and your tech best friend! Solar chargers are great because they will power up to 4 devices, apple or android, with just 1 full charge! Check out this super affordable charger we found on Amazon!

Bluetooth Speaker

What is summer without some tunes? BORING! Music helps bring people together and livens up any gathering. In our Summer Premium Box we partnered up with Carved to give our members a wooden bluetooth speaker! It’s small enough to throw in your bag but powerful enough to crank the tunes! It’s a definite summer tech must-have!

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Waterproof Tech Pouch

If you’re out on the lake, or at the beach, the last thing you need is your electronics and valuables getting wet or damaged. A waterproof tech kit is an absolute must to keep your valuables protected. For all of you who love to Snapchat everything you’re doing, the convenient handle is great so you don’t drop your phone while in the middle of the water!

Compact Camera

As much as you should enjoy your adventurous moments, never be afraid to take a quick snapshot or video to help you remember it for years to come! Getting a compact camera, or GoPro is a perfect and lightweight way to capture all your memories!

What are some of your summer tech must-haves? Leave us a comment! Cheers!

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