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Spring and Summer Wedding Attire


With Spring here and Summer upon us, that means wedding season is right behind! Wedding season lasts from late April until early October and for most men, they’d think that when getting ready for a wedding, their standard suit would do them justice to wear and they’re all set. They are so very wrong. The last thing you want to do is be cooped up in a church or an outside venue, sweating like a pig in a suit that is too heavy for the climate. But what else could you wear to a wedding? Here are easy, yet still appropriate, outfits for Spring and Summer wedding attire!

Ditch The Tie

If you want a more relaxed, yet still classic look, ditch your tie. Unbutton the top 2 buttons of your collared shirt, throw on a matching sports jacket and pants and you’re good to go. This look, even though relaxed, still looks very put together and acceptable for Spring and Summer wedding attire. If you want to add some fun to the look, throw on a patterned button-down shirt. You’ll look trendy yet still appropriate. Here is some great inspiration to rock this look.


Breathable Fabrics

A standard suit is made of wool. Well unless you want to be sweating like a pig, we suggest switching to a linen suit. Linen is an extremely breathable fabric, just be aware that since it doesn’t have a high elasticity rate, it will wrinkle easier than a sturdy wool suit. Linen suits look best in lighter colors such as tan, gray and camel, which are perfect for summer weddings.


Play Up Prints

If you’re attending a more relaxed wedding, have fun with your attire! Rocking a floral shirt with a solid tie, or no tie, will look sharp, or pairing a solid print button down with a floral jacket is sure to make a statement. When men hear the word “floral” they think it can be very bold and feminine, but don’t worry, there are many subtle prints out there.


Mix and Match Fabrics

If you still want to take the traditional route for wedding attire, switch things up and mix and match your jacket and pants colors or the texture of them. Pair a navy jacket or colorful blazer with khaki slacks. This option gives you the choice to throw on a tie, or leave it at home. You’ll look classy and trendy all at the same time. This is the ultimate look for Spring and Summer wedding attire.

So which look do you prefer? Are you about the more casual route? Or are you old fashion and traditional? Check out our blog post on great Spring and Summer shoes that will go great with any of these looks!

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