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Simple Ways You Can Cut Down On Plastic and Help Save Our Oceans


Currently, more than 8 billion tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year. The adverse effects of plastic are showing on coastlines, in waters, and animals within. Plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose, and the bits that start to breakdown end up in our food, as it is often ingested by the seafood we eat. It also directly affects the animals that swallow it, often causing death when too much is ingested. 

Inspired by our July Classic Box honoree and his development of the plastic-free water line, Mananalu, we have created a list of ways you can cut down on your plastic consumption and overall make a positive change, protecting our oceans. 

Ways You Can Make a Change

Invest in a reusable cloth bag and bring it with you when shopping

Most grocery stores now carry reusable bags you can purchase for a very good price. Leave them in your car so you always have one handy.


Stop buying bottled water and opt for a reusable steel bottle or mug

There are so many options on the market for steel bottles and cups so there is no excuse not to use one daily! Most are long-lasting and keep your beverage at the right temperature.


Opt-out of using plastic straws but if you must use straws, look into the cardboard or metal options

Many restaurants are now moving to cardboard straws, but if you happen to be at one still using plastic, ask for them to exclude a straw or leave the wrapped straw untouched. If you would like to carry around your own straw to use, metal reusable straws are the way to go! Amazon has great options.

Stop using disposable razors

Invest in a solid razor handle and swap the razor head out every few weeks/months. Dollar Shave Club subscription is a great option, as they supply you with all you need to make this change! 

When hosting a party, use real silverware or biodegradable options

Plastic cutlery almost always gets thrown in the trash after one use, which is extremely wasteful. There are countless options for biodegradable cutlery on the market. Check out brands like Transitions2Earth, which are dedicated to providing a diverse range of options, with a small impact on the earth. 

Line the smaller trash bins in your home with paper bags

Many of the paper bags offered at grocery stores can fit in small to medium trash cans. Opt-out of plastic liner/bags and reuse what you have in paper. 


Whenever there is the option, go for food, soaps, and detergents packaged in paper over plastic

Grocery stores now offer multiple brands for each product, look for those that offer paper or biodegradable packaging. A few extra seconds can make an impact.


Try a toothbrush with a wooden or bamboo handle

Bamboo or wood will decompose much quicker than the typical, plastic toothbrush and will still get the same job done! Check out Mother’s Vault Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush


We hope this list inspired you to make small, conscious changes! If we each change our lifestyle just a little, we can create a large impact. Be a gentleman, save the oceans! 


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