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Simple Ways You Can Bring More Kindness Into The World Everyday!

On February 17th, choose to celebrate National Acts of Kindness Day by contributing with your own simple gestures. This day is observed nationwide and is quickly gaining popularity. Although it is great that this one day is dedicated to bringing more kindness to our world, we feel every day should be used to do so! To help get you gents motivated to spread good, we have included ideas for you below. Incorporate them daily and see the change in your life!

Donate to your local Salvation Army

We all have items in our house that are no longer of use to us or we just have too much! Clean your clutter and donate to your local Salvation Army. Items donated are sold in Salvation Army stores and all funds are donated to their Adult Rehabilitation Centers, where those struggling with drugs and alcohol are given the help they need to improve their lives! They accept household items, tech items, automobiles, clothing, accessories, and decor. Most centers have an easy drop off process that takes minimal time and effort.

Say hello to strangers

When out and about, take time to greet those you come in contact with. Make eye contact and say “hello” or “have a great day.” This simple gesture spreads positivity and makes people feel seen and acknowledged.

Don’t ignore the homeless person you pass

Next time you pass a homeless person, do not ignore them. By ignoring, we are not allowing ourselves to feel compassion for that individual and their hardships. To be kind, compassion is essential. A sincere greeting and gift go a long way. If it is a hot day, buy extra water to give. Temps are cool, grab that extra blanket in your car and give it to someone in need. If you are passing by and have extra food on you, ask if they would like it.

Leave a little extra on your next tip

Those in the service industry, work for tips! If you have good service at your next restaurant visit, give double on your tip. Go a step further and leave a simple message on the receipt such as, “Thank you, you were great!.” Everyone wants to be appreciated and this will do exactly that!

Smile more

A simple change you can make right now to spread more good, is to smile more! Smiling tricks your brain into thinking you are happy and produces pleasure instantly. Your happy-vibes can be spread to those around you. Light up the next room you come into with your smile!

Write a thank you note

A simple way to make those around you feel good is to make them feel appreciated. Next time your coworker helps with you a project, write them a quick thank you email. Do you have a barista that makes your coffee perfect each morning? Give them a thank you note, letting them know you appreciate the perfect coffee they make you every morning.

Say only positive words about people

Our words contribute to our environments and affect those around us. Be conscious of the words you speak of others and only speak words of positivity. The best way to make this change it to think before you speak and when others are engaging in negative gossip, speak up and flip the conversation to a positive one. The more positive you speak of others, the more positively you will start to view them. Others will also view you in a better light. Create environments around you that focus more on good.

Recycle and cut down on your plastic consumption

One of the easiest ways to show more compassion and kindness to the Earth is to recycle and cut down on your plastic consumption. Pack your lunches in reusable glass containers or continue to use the plastic Tupperware you already have. When at the grocery store, opt for paper bags or bring your own reusable bags. Also, refrain from using plastic straws when drinking. These simple changes can have instant impacts on our Earth’s resources, especially if more of us engage!

We hope you celebrate National Acts of Kindness Day this month and carry on your acts for days and years to come! Do you have other ways you are spreading kindness or will start to? Share below and inspire!