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Quick Guide to Hosting a BBQ

If you’re new to hosting cookouts or just want to improve your hosting skills, you’ve come to the right place. We compiled this quick guide in congruence with our new Premium ‘Cookout’ Edition Box, which features a grilling apron, can cooler, grilling utensil set, & wooden hosting board. Once you’re locked & loaded with the right equipment, check out these tips & ingredients before hosting your next bbq…

Have A Game Plan

First, set a place, date & time that you think works best for you and your guests. Typically your backyard or a park on the weekends, a little before “dinner-time”, is best. Prior to sending out invitations, have an idea of the foods you will prepare, the order in which to prepare them, & be cognizant of any dietary restrictions your guests may have. Having hangry guests is not a good move. Next, make sure your grilling equipment is clean and your grill is firing properly (watch the eyebrows). Be sure you have enough seating, plates & utensils, and beverages for your company as well. Our Cookout Edition box may make you look like you know what you are doing… but that only goes so far.

Good Vibes Only

Music has a huge impact on the vibe of any gathering. Finding or creating an appropriate playlist on Spotify or Apple Music for your cookout will keep those hangry guests at ease and the positive vibes at a peak. Also, having lawn games like cornhole, KanJam or Jenga for your guests to play (before or after eating) is always a good way to keep things light & fun.

Keep ‘Em Comfy

Have space for your guests to eat and chat, whether it be chairs and tables, or blankets and hammocks. If the day is hot and sunny, have sunscreen and fans. If you are in an area prone to bugs, use any form of bug repellent and leave them out for your guests who claim the mosquitos are attracted to them because they have such “sweet blood”. Consider lighting for when it gets darker; Tiki torches or hanging Edison bulbs always set a nice scene.

Hydration Station

It’s always wise to throw in the BYOB while still supplying enough for friends & family so you don’t run out. Make sure to include water, juice & pop for the kids (& mixers), hard seltzers/ciders, beer (domestic & craft), & a variety of liquors. Having somewhere to put trash, returnables, etc. is a good idea as well. Although we don’t encourage driving after drinking, have some cold brew coffee readily available for those driving home as the cherry on top.

Easy Steak Marinades To Try

Before tossing your steaks on the grill, add some additional flavor and really impress your guests. Homemade steak marinades are a fun and simple way to take your steak to the next level. It is best to make your marinade in a bowl, whisking all the ingredients together. Once combined, add your marinade to a freezer ziplock bag with the steak and refrigerate. We recommend a ½ cup of marinade per 1 pound of steak. It is best to leave your steak and marinade in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, and up to 24 hours. The longer the better as the flavor really sits in. We found 5 fun and easy marinades for you to try next time you grill. *Not a meat eater? Try these on portobello mushrooms.


This recipe yields about 1 cup of marinade


This recipe yields about ½ cup of marinade


This recipe is suggested with Two 8-ounce boneless steaks (sirloin works well)


This recipe yields about 2 cups of marinade


This recipe is suggested with 4 Boneless New York Steaks 

Cheers to a great summer full of tasty cookouts!