Articulate Lifestyle - Leather Tie Case


Buying clothing is an investment and how you take care of your clothing says a lot about how you value that investment. This season we wanted to give you a practical, sturdy, yet stylish way to store your new tie. The Articulate lifestyle leather tie case has dual slots, intended to hold both your formal and casual ties.

Created exclusively for our Formal Edition Premium Box, this sleek design fits perfectly in a dresser drawer to keep the dust away or stowed in your luggage to help your ties travel safely without being damaged. The black leather material gives a very masculine look, with the inside being a beautiful red velvet material, so it doesn’t harm the threads of your ties.

This Articulate Lifestyle Leather Tie Case was featured in our Formal Edition Premium Box is valued at $30. It was created exclusively for our Premium Box and has a sleek design, able to fit in your drawer or luggage.