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Taft No-Show Socks – “Our Favorite Suit & Tie”


Don’t you hate it when your feet smell after wearing loafers or boat shoes? It’s unpleasant and can cause embarrassment. Our best advice is to wear these men’s no show socks to keep the smelly feet away.

Better yet, you can still show off your style when you take off your shoes. Most no show socks only come in a dull white or black color. Taft’s comfortable polka dot no show socks can still express your style in the warmer months.

These Taft men’s no show socks use no-slip technology, so your foot will stay covered and comfortable all day. No show socks are also known as low-cut socks, loafer liners, footies, invisible socks, footie socks, liner socks, and no see socks.

To avoid shrinkage you should machine wash in cold water and hang to dry.


Color: Black, White

Material: Cotton 75%, Polyester 15%, Spandex 5%, Acrylic 5%.

Size: One Size Fits Most