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Prioritize and Maximize

We all have those weeks where one day you’re on a roll and checking everything off your to-do list and others where you can hardly think straight and are lucky to accomplish one thing. So how do you prioritize your time and maximize your resources? Today we are going to break down all the best ways to do both!


Goals are nothing without a plan. You can make a list of 100 goals, but unless you have an idea of how you’re going to attain those goals, they’re just thoughts. Making daily, weekly and monthly goals is a great way to set your mind for success. When you sit down at your desk, write down your daily goals, think to yourself how you’re going to accomplish them and cross them off as you achieve them. When we as humans accomplish even the smallest goals or experience even small amounts of success, our brains release dopamine, which is connected feelings of learning and motivation. Because our minds release this natural chemical, we will want to experience this feeling more, thus doing the action again and again. Create a daily checklist and watch the snowball effect of motivation occur.

Time Management

Distractions are all around us in the workplace, and they can get in the way of our goals. So how do you keep yourself focused on accomplishing tasks on time? When looking at your daily goals, check the ones that are of the most important and get them done first. By crossing off the more significant items first, you will keep your mind motivated to finish your list. Also, as hard as it is with all the technology that surrounds us, making sure you aren’t checking social media every 10 minutes will make a big difference. Leave your phone in your purse, desk drawer, coat pocket and only take it out for a few minutes when you’ve accomplished something off your list. This will keep you motivated to get more things done, and in a more efficient time frame due to wanting to check your phone.


While technology can be your foe, it can be your friend in many ways, especially when it comes to apps and websites to help you manage your time. A great tool to use to help you see how long you’ve been working on a task and how much time you dedicate to that tasks weekly is Toggl. Toggl is a task timer that you simply type in what you’re working on, press start and work. Once you’ve completed your task, you just press stop and Toggl records how long you’ve been working on it + gives you a percentage for the week with how much of your week was dedicated to that task. What is great about this is that you can refer back to Toggl on how long projects took, and it’s a visual for you to recognize on what you’ve worked on that week.

Another great app/website to visit is Trello. Trello is an online to-do list. You simply create boards on all aspects of your job, create “cards” for the tasks that need to be completed and once they are, you archive them. Trello is great because not only is it another great visual to refer back to on how much you need to accomplish, but you can create any time frame lists. They can be what you need to accomplish today, tomorrow, next week, within the next year, etc. Just a great online to-do list.

Taking care of yourself

When you enter the workplace, you have to be on your game. You can’t be walking in late, looking tired, not dressed up, etc. By waking up early, eating a good breakfast and dressing up, you will start your day off on a good note. It’s been proven that if you get dressed up for work you’ll do better. Getting to work on time, or even a little early, will make you not feel rushed to get things done at work, or like you’re behind with your work. By taking a small 5-minute break every hour or so is good to give your brain a break. It’s okay to step back from your desk, walk the break room, grab a bite to eat, reset your mind and get back to it. Having a source of energy is also very important. Eating a healthy lunch will help you power through the remainder of the day and keep you focused. Always remember that for you to perform to your highest standards, you have to take care of yourself first.