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The Power of Men’s Socks

We’ve all heard the phrase “It’s all in the details.” Well, that rings true with fashion, too. Even the smallest details can make or break an entire outfit – including your socks. Men’s socks these days make a statement about who you are and how you like to dress.

men's socks and boat shoesEnhance Your Casual Wear

With spring and summer casual wear, a pair of socks can add something extra to your boat shoes or loafers. They also make a nice transition between your pants and shoes.
For days when you want to let your ankles be free, socks are still important for your feet. Consider wearing a no-show loafer sock, such as Mocc Sock, to reduce moisture and odor.

purple men's socks and dress shoesSpruce Up Your Suits

With formal wear, socks are crucial. If you have tailored dress pants, your pant legs will rise slightly at the ankle upon sitting. A faux pas in this situation is wearing anklet socks that expose your bare ankles and calves. Dress socks should go up to at least mid-calf to avoid showing any distracting areas of bare skin.
Suits, especially business suits, can be mundane. So, while you could wear a dull pair of dark, solid color dress socks, why be bland when you can be brilliant? A vibrant pair of socks provides a pop of color, giving your ensemble some hidden excitement. Match your sock patterns and colors to that of your neckwear or pocket square to dress to impress.

The Best Men’s Socks

From pleasant to professional, some of our favorite men’s socks include:

“Because most men wear a plain pair of socks, a fresh and funky pair demonstrates an unparalleled attention to detail.”
– David Cole

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