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New Year. Better You.

With the beginning of the New Year here, there is no better time to make a positive change in your life. Although you may have already created a resolution you are following (or struggling to follow), we wanted to give you a few other simple ways you can implement a better lifestyle this year.

Declutter your physical space

It is very easy to feel “scatterbrained” in an environment where there is clutter. Our brains don’t know where to focus and struggle to relax. When we have a messy room, we know in the back of our minds it will need to be cleaned at some point, which affects our ability to focus on other tasks. This can apply to our work environment, our homes and even our cars. Give your spaces a nice clean, get rid of unused and unneeded items and feel the weight instantly removed from your life!

Put the phone down

It is exceedingly easy to get lost in technology and burn away minutes, scrolling, swiping and typing. Many of us don’t even notice the amount of time put into our devices until it is brought to our attention or our eyes begin to suffer. If you find yourself spending an excessive amount of time on social media platforms, removing the actual application from your phone can help you become more conscious of when you use it, in turn, leading to less time wasted. Cutting down time spent on the screen may help you accomplish tasks, build better relationships, feel less stressed and most importantly live a more fulfilled, present life!

Look at food as fuel

This might be one of the most obvious, but it cannot be stressed enough that we are what we eat! Food is intended to be fuel and medicine, and when used to our advantage it can be life-changing. Now, this does not mean you can’t enjoy the plate of french fries or that new ice cream flavor you have been eyeing, just everything in moderation. Some of the best foods you can easily incorporate into your meals are leafy greens, berries, and broccoli. They are each packed with nutrients made to nourish. Another excellent addition to your diet could be Green Tea. It is packed with antioxidants, which in turn could help lower chances of cancer. Not to mention it tastes great with a little honey and lemon added!

Listen more than you speak

Have you ever caught yourself in a conversation, thinking of what you might say next before the other person has finished speaking? Majority of us can raise our hands. In those moments we are not actively listening. We fail to absorb the other person’s perspective or feelings. This can cause those around us to feel unheard, misunderstood and exhausted. When we active listen, we make the people around us feel valued and understood. We also gain a different perspective and a more enriching relationship. An easy way to implement this into your daily conversations is to refrain yourself from creating a rebuttal, while another person is speaking. Once they have spoken, take a deep breath, and share your thoughts after. Having a short break in between shows you are digesting what has been shared and not solely focused on a response.

Cut down on complaining

One of the fastest ways to become happier is to cut down on complaining! When we complain we focus on the negative and put our gratitude aside. It is easy to fall into this negative cycle, creating a cloud around us. Next time you find yourself complaining about something, stop, take a breathe, and think of something you can do to improve the situation. If you’re complaining about a co-worker, think about the positive attributes they have and how you may enrich the relationship. If you’re complaining about something, a friend did to you, confront them and share your feelings. Replace complaints with gratitude and solutions.

We hope you are able to apply some of these practices to your everyday life in 2019, making a better gentleman out of you! What other changes are you making in 2019?