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Men’s Winter Must-Haves | Gentleman’s Guide

Fall is slowly exiting its way out, and Winter is up next! While you can transition a lot of your Fall clothing over to Winter, some pieces won’t work, and you’ll need to bundle up more. Today we are going to share with you the winter must-haves for your closet to make you warm, yet stylish!


The most important essential to have in your winter wardrobe are your jackets and coats. There are many different types, but the three you should be reaching for the most are: a peacoat for everyday wear, an overcoat for formal wear, and a parka for recreational wear. Many may think having a leather coat in the winter is essentials, but leather hold the temperature in the material, so leather won’t be a good mix during the cold months. Look for materials like wool, tweet, and cotton when purchasing your jackets and coats.

Fun tip for you, there is a difference between a jacket and a coat. A jacket doesn’t go below the waist, and a coat goes down to your thighs.


In the fall we were all about textures, especially suede. Now, it’s time to look at a leather boot that has the following: a thick interior lining, so your feet stay warm, material that is able to handle waterproofing so that the snow and salt do not ruin them, and lastly boots that have traction on the soles so you can truck through the snow and not slip on ice. Check out some different styles below!


Being bundled up may not make a fashion statement, so get some dapper accessories to help! Flat caps or a fedora look great for an evening out. Look for a pair of bold statement leather gloves to elevate your look. Lastly, a beautiful wool scarf will always make any coat look more professional and stylish. Look for a houndstooth, checkered, or bright colored scarf to accompany your look.