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Men’s Summer Style Prints 2017

When a new season begins, you may have trouble deciding what to wear. It’s okay, it happens. One thing you should know is that the summer is an excellent time to wear fun clothing. Men’s summer style is more casual and relaxing.

Of course, you want to wear stylish clothing that won’t make you sweat. Lightweight material is of the utmost importance. Your clothes should keep you cool in the summer. That’s why we created the guide to men’s summer style. Continue to read below to find out our best picks to help you elevate your style.

Our Men’s Summer Style Choices


Summer is also a great time to bring out your checkered print. A thin cotton short sleeve button-up on its own or over a t-shirt works well if you don’t want sweat. This is a busy print, so we recommend you only wear checks with two colors to avoid a messy look. Two colors per checkered item will give you more versatility with your outfits.

Smaller check prints are for business casual, while wider check prints are casual.  Pair a wider checked print with a pair of shorts or straight leg jeans. For small checks, a pair of neutral chinos will make you look dapper for a more formal occasion.

Dark colored check prints worn with chinos looks great in a business casual setting. If you wear a tie, go for a thin, skinny tie, so it doesn’t distract from the print. Pick a neutral color (such as gray) that will not cause a distraction. It’s best to keep the tie subtle so you can make the most out of your checkered print.

Cuban Collar

men's summer fashion trends

This trend continues to become a mainstay in menswear. The lightweight Cuban collar will meet your summer style expectations. You’ll notice a Cuban collar shirt with it’s open, notch-lapel collar. This classic style allows your shirt to do the talking. For summer, a lighter, pastel color or pattern will look best on a Cuban collared shirt. Wear this with a pair of standout shoes, and you will have created the ultimate nostalgic look. Make sure that your Cuban collar print aligns with current tastes if that’s how you like to style.

Perfect, for business casual and casual occasions, you can wear this type of shirt with a suit. A Cuban collar adds sophistication to your suit, unlike a regular button-down shirt. Pair your Cuban collar with a tailored, lightweight suit like linen. Your clothes should keep you cool in the summer, which means lightweight material is of utmost importance.


Express your inner Jimmy Buffett with a floral print this summer. These prints show off your fun side in a respectful way. No one will ever take you seriously if you wear too many floral prints at once. Avoid print overkill, and stick to one floral print per outfit. Floral prints are only for casual occasions, not the boardroom.

Wearing florals is an art within itself. You can wear them many ways, but you can also wear them the wrong way. For those who prefer subtle as their style, you can wear a floral print shirt under a cotton-knit or button up shirt. If you think florals are too feminine, then wear it with dark blue jeans or masculine accessories. Some floral prints also come in darker and neutral colors.

Darker, subdued prints work well with everyday wear. We understand you don’t want to look like you’re always on vacation or eating a cheeseburger in paradise. For any print that you wear, we recommend you wear a solid pair of jeans or khakis. Of course, you know better than to not over-do it. If you decide to wear a floral hat, wear a solid colored shirt along with a solid pair of pants.


If you prefer a more conservative style, then neutral colors may work best with your outfits. Neutral colors include beige, black, brown, khaki, shades of blue, shades of gray, and white. To some, this style may seem plain, but if you wear them right, you will embody a sophisticated style.

A neutral color style does not mean tonal. Make sure you mix and match your neutral colored outfit. But make sure you make your outfit 100% neutral. Contrast is of the utmost importance with neutral outfits. For example, a dark shirt, light pants, and dark shoes make for an excellent outfit that contrasts.


The man who wears pink is a confident one. Few people wear it, which means it stands out in your outfits. In the summer, the sun will make the color pop out, which will make your outfit more noticeable. If you wear hues that fit with your skin tone, pink will help make a statement with your outfit. A deeper shade of pink works well for people that have paler skin. But, dark pink can distract from the rest of the outfit. So it’s best to use dark pink for accessories. A lighter pink shade will complement darker skin.

The clothing most associated with light pink is the Oxford shirt. This prep staple pairs well with white or cream shorts to make the color stand out. A pink polo shirt pairs well with a pair of blue jeans. A pair of brown loafers will add a great touch to either outfit. Pink also matches well with black, brown, khaki, dark shades of blue and white.

Since pink can go with many colors, they play an important role in both casual and formal styles. A pink blazer will likely not be appropriate for the boardroom. Think of neutral colored suits such as black or gray. A pink tie and pocket square combo adds color to their outfit without being distracting. Another way to use pink with your suit is to swap the plain white shirt for a salmon-colored suit. A greater combination than black and pink is the pink shirt and navy suit. Both colors complement each other well.