5 Men’s Spring/Summer Fashion Trends You Need To Know



The Spring and Summer seasons are on their way! You should prepare your outfits for the warmer weather so you can look better than the rest. To assist you we made a list of men’s spring and summer fashion trends for this year.

To follow these trends, you do not have to break the bank. You can achieve these style changes without the designer brand. The local thrift shop may have some of these style options available. From the 1950s to the 1990s you can dress from a different decade and still fit into the modern trends.

1. Cuban Collars

men's spring and summer fashion trends cuban collar shirt chris pine

The looser fitting clothes trend started in 2016 and showed no signs of leaving. Take a trip back to the 1950s with the old-school Cuban collar shirt. Always short sleeved, the Cuban collar resembles a Hawaiian shirt, but they are not the same. A Cuban collar has an open, notch lapel and has a pointed, two-tier collar.

Stay away from the Hawaiian print and stick to muted botanical or solid colors. Or pick a print that matches your style. To keep things practical in the summer buy a shirt in cotton or linen. If you have narrow shoulders, they will look broader with a Cuban collar shirt. Throw on some wide-leg trousers and a pair of loafers to complete the Cuban look this summer.

2. Wide Leg Trousers



menswear trends spring summer wide leg pants

Credit: Farfetch.com


Continue the relaxed style with a pair of wide-leg trousers in your wardrobe. This trend has reached the mainstream, so say goodbye to skinny jeans. A pair of wide-leg pants doesn’t have tapering in the leg. It goes straight down and skims over your leg.

When it comes to wide leg trousers, you can branch out from the traditional colors. Try a pair of green, burgundy or brown pants. If you prefer to wear more traditional colors, then try black, navy, or beige pants. They will sit a little higher on the waist. Wear a tailored jacket to balance the wide look. Also, big sweaters or the Cuban collar will create a classic look. Keep the shoes low profile. Loafers, big dress shoes, or sneakers in a solid color will look great with your new pair of wide leg trousers.

3. Looser Suits

Men’s tailored suits are letting loose. We’re sure this makes Giorgio Armani happy. The looser suit trend is a nod to the 1980s that will help you achieve the Jordan Belfort look. You won’t look like you’re in your Dad’s bachelor party. The fit is looser but not slouchy. Over the next couple years expect men’s clothing to get baggier. Stick with the colors navy, beige, and gray for your spring and summer suits.

4. Embellishment

menswear trends spring summer embellished bomber jacket

As freedom of speech appears to become more of a novelty, men have roared with their outfits. People have begun to drift away from the minimalist style so they can better express themselves. Expect wilder colors on bomber jackets with embroidery. Many Shirts and baseball caps have a 90s throwback feel with youthful prints. Spaceships, movie references, or whatever you’re into printed on your shirt is an easy way to show your personality

5. Tonal



If you are more of a conservative dresser, this one is for you. Tonal also make your outfits easier to assemble in the morning. Many men have worn the all-black tonal, but you should wear something different. Go for an all-gray or all-navy tonal look. Color styles have shifted to more neutral, earthier tones. To mix things up with your tonal outfits you should try different layers. New styling tricks will also help your tonal look stand out from the crowd.

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