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Men’s Scarves: Types & Trends

types-of-men's-scarvesMen’s scarves are timeless fashion accessories. In fact, men have worn scarves for more than 2,000 years—with early Chinese art depictions dating back to 1000 B.C.E.

What’s the best thing about scarves? They can be both fashionable, and functional. There are many variations of men’s styles, each with its fitting type of scarf.

Five styles of men’s scarves:


Sporty scarves have an extra thickness to increase warmth for those outdoor workouts. The increased thickness tends to result in a bulkier look when tied. Certain materials can absorb sweat, acting as an even more functional accessory.

These scarves also make a practical below-the-jacket addition when hitting the slopes. Check out this handmade scarf from Zukas. If you’re going to an even lower level of maintenance, try a cowl scarf, which doesn’t need any tying.


For a more masculine look, go with a Parisian Knot or the standard Twice-Around Loop. Both of these methods of tying provide close comfort and added warmth. Choose a solid color or classic pattern—such as a dark plaid—to add to the masculine look of your scarf.


Wearing a trendy piece not only depends on the style and pattern of the scarf but also depends on how it’s worn. The Single Cross or Parisian Knot styles of tying work well to add a scarf as an important piece of the ensemble. Trendy men’s scarves can be plain or patterned—whatever suits your ensemble.


The edgy look doesn’t typically require much tying at all. A Loose Loop hangs down to the mid-chest, acting as more of a fashion accessory than a practical one. A frayed, layered, patterned style scarf also acts as a statement piece for an edgier ensemble.


Scarves are a great addition to the gentleman style. With a variety of tying methods that cater to a style of class, the possibilities are abundant. You can wear the simple Drape method inside or outside the jacket—this method is best for cool weather. The Single Cross can be tucked inside the jacket. This adds a second lining to the interior of the lapels. The Parisian Knot also sports a classy look and is a better tying option for colder weather. Check out this versatile striped scarf from
Aside from their practical nature, scarves can add something extra that any outfit may be missing. Add some scarves to your wardrobe and see how much range your style has.

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Photo credit: Maurilio Amorim

Photo credit: Huffington Post