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Gentleman Mitchell Oakley Smith

Mitchell Oakley Smith is founder of men's fashion trendsThis week we feature Mitchell Oakley Smith. He has shared his thoughts on following men’s fashion trends. Mitchell is a Sydney-born, global-roaming writer and curator. He serves as editor-in-chief of biannual menswear journal Manuscript and wrote Art / Fashion in the 21st Century.

What is one thing every gentleman should/shouldn’t have in their closet?

I’d make this two things: a white shirt and a navy blazer. In fact, my entire wardrobe is built around the two items, as they can be worn with just about everything in just about every style.

If I had to give every gentleman out there ONE tip, it would be ____.

To dress for your shape and your personality. I’m not a huge believer in trends – they have their place. But if you’re new to or unsure of fashion, stick to the classics as they’ll never date or seem inappropriate.

Who is your favorite real-life/fiction gentleman?

I’ve always admired editor, Hamish Bowles. He is very much a gentleman in the traditional sense (well-dressed, well-mannered, intellectual, creative). And yet he never seems cliched or out-of-touch. It shows that those values are timeless.

What is unique about your fashion style?

As I explained earlier, I don’t really buy into trends but instead, dress for what works best for me. That said, I like to update my typically conservative wardrobe with unique adjustments. A cardigan instead of a blazer, for example, or mixing up the pants and jackets of my suits so that they feel new again.

What does being a gentleman mean to you?

I wouldn’t automatically label the values gentlemanly. They’re for anyone, irrespective of gender, at any age, but an intellectual quotient, creativity, respect, and politeness. It never hurts to be well dressed, either.

Go check out Manuscript for a great perspective on men’s fashion. Don’t forget to follow the journal on  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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