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5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Your Gentleman’s Box

5 Gentleman’s Boxes That Make the Perfect Last Minute Halloween Costumes

How did Halloween creep up so fast? As usual, no need to panic. We put together five awesome costumes with items you received in your Gentleman’s Box subscription.


april 2016 gbox

Since we honored the hero himself, why not dress like him. Dress up as Superman’s daytime counterpart with the pieces from our April 2016 box. Add a simple pair of fake or real thick-rimmed glasses and a Superman t-shirt to peek out underneath. Just don’t go around ripping your button down off. You’ll regret breaking that many buttons and having to explain it to your tailor too.


Secret Agent

september 2015 box

The ideal secret agent goes around in a luxe black tuxedo and finds any occasion necessary to rock a bow tie. Since we know you feel the same, this costume is perfect for you. Break out the accessories from the September 2015 box, and you will transform into the spy. Bonus points for talking into your wrist watch all night and carrying a mini squirt gun.


Risky Business

august 2015 gbox

Your August 2015 box was made for this moment. Skip the pants (for this occasion only) and rock out your Taft argyle socks with your favorite button down. Your wayfarers, a candle holder, and the iconic song blasting from your phone on repeat might even win you best costume. You never know.


American Psycho

spring bag gbox

You’re going to want to break out the Limited Edition Spring Bag for this. Find your favorite striped button down, add cuff links and any red tie, slick back your hair and bam! You’ve got a Halloween costume. If you’ve got suspenders, use em’. If you have pomade left over from our May 2016 box, you’re even better off.


A Pilot

march 2016 gbox

Last but not least, if you dig up your March 2016 box you’ll find the perfect pair of aviators to create this last costume. A simple white button-down is all you need for this look. If you can find some pins, or know a pilot that will lend you his wings, you’re all set.


What are you planning to be for Halloween this year? Show us how you use your Gentleman’s Box accessories to win Best Dressed.