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Jeffrey Barry Talks About Style and Elephant Seals

Each month we honor a member in our Gentleman’s Post. We interview them with questions about style and questions related to our theme. We appreciate it when our featured members give us detailed responses. Our most recent featured member, Jeffrey Barry had a lot to say.

If you want to know more about our community of gentlemen, then check out what Jeffrey has to say about style, grooming, and adventure.

Name: Jeffrey Barry

Age: 43 Years Young

Instagram: @HauntedYards

City: Thunder Bay, Ontario. Canada

Member Since:  November 2015

Fun Fact about yourself:
Aside from teaching primary school kids for the last fourteen years, I’m also on the board of a worldwide beard club called “Bearded Villains” with over 4000+ gentlemen. I have five kids and recently lost 70 pounds by switching to a ketogenic lifestyle so I can spend more time watching them grow. This weight loss from an extra large to a medium is what prompted my closet makeover and consequently how I found “The Gentleman’s Box.

Our honoree believes the key to success is never to give up. What do you believe is your personal key to success?
I believe in breaking tasks and goals down into realistic and achievable steps so that I can motivate myself from achieving those small victories. I also believe it is incredibly important to be thankful for what you have. Reminding yourself of those things every night before you go to bed. The things that you appreciate will appreciate!

Tell us about one of your craziest adventures.
I once drove the western United States and while enjoying and exploring the California Coastal Highway, I stopped in fascination to admire the elephant seals that were massed on the beach. Being a silly Canadian and not knowing any better decided to investigate closer. This resulted in a very pale skinned Canadian tourist running down the beach for his life while being chased by a giant male elephant seal. Elephant seals running are like bees flying. It shouldn’t be possible and I don’t know how they do it but they are incredibly fast!

What is one fashion accessory you can not leave home without?
Socks! Colorful, exciting, mood reflecting socks! No matter what I have to wear that day or the color of my outfit, my socks can stand on their own. Socks are like your dirty secret. No one even knows they are there or ever see them but you know they are there and they make you happy to look at them. Nothing reflects a man’s personality like his choice in socks! I love the selection I’ve been getting in my monthly boxes!

In your opinion, what makes a man a gentleman?
Manners maketh a gentleman! They cost nothing and no matter where you travel or what end of town you find yourself, they will not only be appreciated but may save your life. In today’s society, you may be looked on with suspicion for performing acts of chivalry for example. But, it’s our duty as gentlemen to be respectful at all times even if the looks you receive are withering. Dressing well is a sign of respect for the people you surround yourself with.

You have an awesome beard. What products are necessary to maintain well-groomed facial hair?
An understanding partner! My wife, for example, hates beards but respects this aspect of my self-expression. As far as daily care is concerned, you should oil your beard with a quality beard oil a couple of times a day especially in dry climates, don’t over comb or blow drying and avoid playing with it. Good nutrition is the key and will reflect itself in every aspect of your life including your facial hair.