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How To Incorporate A Manicure Set Into Your Daily Routine

Our Winter 2018 Premium Box included a Wurkin Stiffs Manicure Set, packed with all the essentials to clean up and look dapper! In this post, we will dive deeper into how you can use each item correctly from this set, as well as any other set you may have with the same items inside. It’s time to start incorporating a manicure set into your daily routine, gent! 

Clothes Brush

A clothes brush can be used to keep garments dust, dirt and hair free. Essentially anything on the surface (non-liquid) can be wiped away with this brush. When using the brush, make short and quick strokes in the same direction. Refrain from scrubbing, as this can damage the threads of the garment.


A small pocket comb is typically used for styling and parting hair. It is small, which makes it portable, and can be used on many different hair types.

Spectacle Screwdriver and Repair Kit

Have any of you ever had your eyeglasses come apart due to a loose screw and you resorted to the closest tape dispenser to secure them? We have. It’s not the most fashionable or comfortable look. This is where an eyeglasses repair kit comes in handy. Most kits include a screw along with a mini screwdriver. When tightening the screws on your glasses, be sure not to go to tight as this can lead to further damage to the frame. Another item commonly found in the kits are nose pads. Typically these can easily be screwed onto the glasses with a mini screwdriver, often included as well.

Nail Cleaner

Dirty fingernails are verboten for the gentleman and are easily avoided with this handy tool. Simply swipe the tool under your nail, pushing the dirt out from underneath. Be gentle and don’t go too deep as you can hurt the skin.

Nail Clippers/Toenail Clipper  

It’s always best to keep both your finger and toenails at a length as short as possible and uniform across all fingers. A simple tip is to keep the length a dimes width, cutting away any white on the tip of the nail. When using the clippers, cut at an angle starting at the end of the nail and clipping in small portions as you go across.

Cuticle Scissors

With winter in full effect, the air is dry which can lead to more hangnails and peeling skin around your nails. Cuticle scissors are great for trimming away this skin to keep them clean. Like their name, they are used to cut away overgrown cuticles. Prior to cutting, push the cuticle down towards the nail bed and clip away any excess. Anytime you are trimming, or pushing down your cuticles, it is best to soak your hands in warm water to soften the skin. Always sanitize your scissors in between by wiping or soaking them in alcohol.

Eyebrow Tweezers

Clean brows are a must for any gentleman! Clear away any straggler hairs with this tool to keep a polished look. Hold tweezers as you would a pencil, putting your pointer finger on one side and your thumb on the other. Remove the hair with the tip of the tweezer, pulling from the base of the hair. A quick tip for removing hair easier is to lay a warm cloth across your brows prior to plucking.

Nail File

After using your nail clippers, it is best practice to use your nail file to grind down any sharp edges or messy tips on your nails. Always file the nail in one direction and refrain from doing a “sawing” motion. Your work is done when the edge of your nail is smooth when running a finger across it.

Multi-Function Mini Folding Knife

Whether you’re cutting loose threads on your suit or trimming a fishing line, a mini knife can come in handy! This little tool is extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways. When camping it can be used to make the perfect s’mores stick! When you receive that heavily sealed package, it can be used to cut away the tape. Heading to an interview and notice a loose thread on your tie, don’t fret, pull out the mini folding knife and cut it away. One safety tip, always close the folding knife when not in use, and always operate with caution!

We hope these tips and tricks help you get the best use out of your kit! If you are in need a manicure set, we’ve got you covered with our Winter Premium Box. (available while boxes last).