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How To Drink Alcohol Like A Gentleman



A gentleman should never get sloppy when he drinks. Alcohol is not an excuse to be rude or make a fool of yourself. You should know how to drink like a gentleman. Many people do not know how to drink in certain situations. Some of your co-workers might have had one too many around your boss. Drunkle Frank at your last family Christmas may have passed out and fallen on the Christmas tree. Anyways you should not be that guy. No one wants to be that person, but it happens.

For those of you ready to learn how to drink like a gentleman. Read on if you want to make healthier drinking habits.

how to drink alcohol

Have A Positive Mindset

When you go out to drink with your friends, you need to have a positive mindset. If you feel stressed, angry, or frustrated, then do not take a sip of alcohol. Men will likely drink when they feel angry. You may think drinking will help, but science proves it will only make matters worse. Drowning your sorrows with alcohol does not help. Alcohol can increase stress and anxiety; some people drink to reduce such emotions. Alcohol is a depressant, and it affects the chemical balance in our brains. Make a rule for yourself that you will only drink when you’re happy.

Take Care of Yourself Before You Drink

It’s important to take care of your health whether you drink or not.  Do not drink if you have only slept for a couple of hours, skipped meals, or dehydrated. If you have a bad night’s sleep the night before you drink, the effects of alcohol will hit you more quickly. Not eating before you drink can cause problems as well. The food you eat will help slow down the absorption of alcohol. If you drink on an empty stomach, you will get drunk faster, and you could have a blackout. Dehydration, before you drink, will only result in a bad situation. Alcohol dehydrates you, so if you’re already dehydrated, you will feel thirsty. If you feel thirsty, then you will consume alcohol at a faster rate than if you were already hydrated.

Choose Your Beverage For The Right Situation

how to drink alcohol

What you drink in one situation may not be so appropriate in another situation. Beer is the go-to casual drink. If you’re meeting people at a bar or visiting someone’s home, then beer is an excellent choice. You can have a coherent and well-thought conversation with other people. You will also not make any poor decisions if you have to conduct business. One or two beers won’t cause you to feel any effects. Also, wine is a good go-to for a casual, light environment as well.

Cocktails contain at least two or more ingredients. Depending on the bar, alcohol content can vary. If you’re at a work gathering, wait a few minutes after your first cocktail to see how it affects you. When it comes to shots, people take them because the effects hit you quickly. T Avoid shots at work parties. If you’re at a party that has shots, you should reduce your intake. Avoid them altogether if you have a low tolerance.

Pace Yourself

If you want to have a good night, then treat drinking like a marathon rather than a race. Pace yourself, especially at work parties. You’re an adult; you don’t want to be that guy that makes an ass of himself at the bar or a party. Beer is the way to go if you want to drink at a reasonable pace. Most beers have an ABV of 6% which is lower than a shot of whiskey. If you drink liquor, you will have to drink at a much slower pace than you would with beer.

Don’t ever get to the point when you start to act sloppy either. Listen to your body while you’re drinking. If your body is telling you to stop drinking, then you should stop. Social cues can be your best friend when you start to feel like you had too much. If you can’t walk straight or have slurred speech, then you must stop. The biggest sign is when your body feels like you have to throw up. If you do throw up, do not start drinking again.

Set Your Limit and Pay With Cash

Before you go to the bar, you should know your limit and only pay with cash. Leave you credit card at home. Only bring enough money to the bar for the number of drinks you have limited yourself too. Also, have money to tip and for food. If you commit to this habit, you will not drink too much while you’re out. Plus, you will save money. When you’re drunk, you will likely spend more money at the bar. You also won’t have to worry about losing extra cash or your credit cards.

Know How To Talk To Bartenders

how to drink alcohol

Before you order your drink, you should know what you want ahead of time. Always have a couple of go-to drinks when you’re at the bar. The bartender does not have time to wait around for you decide your drink. Most bartenders are working hard on the busy nights, and only want tips. Don’t wave money at them like they’re a stripper; they will get to you. Order what you want, then move on.

Paying with cash makes it easier for the bartender, compared to starting a tab. After you get your drink, you should always tip the bartender! Tip at least $1. For fancier drinks, you should at least tip $2. Do not flirt with the bartender either. Don’t say things that people consider harassment, and do not leave your number on the bill. Don’t flirt because you shouldn’t do it and Facebook will make that known. Your reputation is more important than flirting with a bartender.

Feel Free To Explore the World of Beer and Cocktails

As a gentleman, a fine taste in the spirits only adds to your sophistication. If you drink, then we encourage you to explore the world of beer and cocktails. We could spend a lifetime explaining all the different drinks that exist. Find something that you like. Explore different types of drinks like ciders, meads, beer, or liquors. Go to tasting events. Visit local breweries, wineries, or distilleries. Tasting events have grown in popularity, and it’s also a fun thing to do with your friends. Do some research online as well. After you have explored, you need to narrow down your choices and decide your new go-to drinks.


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