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Honoring Tom Sweeney

Being a gentleman is a commitment to a way of life. We’re proud to have a great community of fellow gents behind our brand. We want to highlight the dedication that it takes to be a gentleman and our blog can help honor those who go a step further. Meet Tom Sweeney.
Tom has been a subscriber since January and has been a strong advocate of Gentleman’s Box ever since. During a vacation in Mexico with his wife, Tom captured many shots to share his lifestyle with us. He even took some photos of the products from his January box.

tom sweeney gentleman's box featured gentTom also shared this very special photo with us of him taking his goddaughter to her sweetheart dance. After getting to know him a bit better, we found Tom to be an inspiring fellow gentleman truly deserving of recognition.

“I am proud to consider myself a gentleman, and I believe we need more role models for our youth that are true gentlemen,” says Tom.

Tom has plenty of ideas on what it takes to become this type of role model. Here’s what else he had to share in an interview with him.

What do you think it means to be a gentleman?

To me, it simply means being respectful and kind to everyone, especially women. I was blessed to be raised in a loving family with strong values and faith.

How can others be role models to the younger generation?

We can be role models to the younger generation by simply leading by example. It’s simple, but not always easy. To be a positive role model, we must strive to do the right thing, even if we don’t think anyone is watching—usually, someone is watching or listening whether you know it or not. This also builds character.

We must treat others with respect and love. Accept responsibility for your actions, and think before we speak—even on social media. Your words can have a huge impact on others and on how they perceive you. On the other side of things, we need to truly listen to others instead of just thinking about what we want to say next.

How did you learn to be a gentleman?

I learned to be a gentleman by following the example set forth by my father and grandfather. Also, having four sisters helped me understand a little bit about how the female mind works (although men will never fully understand) and how they should be treated.

tom sweeney and his wifeWhat are the benefits you’ve seen from living an upstanding lifestyle?

Being a gentleman has helped me develop the wonderful relationship I have with my lovely wife of six years! The little things are important. For example, I still open the car door for her to this day.

Have you ever encountered any challenges in living a gentlemanly lifestyle?

While living a gentlemanly lifestyle, occasionally challenges may arise and sometimes you are faced with tough decisions. A fairly recent example comes to mind, when I was asked to participate in a roast for one of my best friend’s 30th birthday party. This was a James Bond, casino-themed party (very cool) and my buddy’s wife—who is also one of my wife’s best friends—had asked me to participate in the roast. I don’t do much public speaking, as I get nervous. However, I wanted to honor the request and also saw it as an opportunity to grow, so I said yes.

I knew some of the participants might take things a little too far or perhaps say something unsavory. That was not in my nature, so trying to be a gentleman, I gave more of a “boast” with some poking fun and jokes, but more so highlighting our friendship. In the end, it worked out. The crowd enjoyed it, and those that mattered most—my buddy and our wives—told me how much they appreciated the sentiment—and maybe something about my speech being the best.

What tips do you have for fellow gents?

Communication is key. You need to really listen and acknowledge your lady’s feelings—this will go a long way! Practice gratitude daily; appreciate what you do have; and always say thank you. Oh, and don’t forget to smile.

tom sweeney testimonialWhy did you originally subscribe to Gentleman’s Box?

I originally subscribed to Gentleman’s Box because I identified most with this product, amongst the other subscription boxes out there.  A company that celebrates being a gentleman was completely in line with my values.  Gentleman’s Box is more than just grooming and fashion products for men—it delivers lifestyle products tailored for gentlemen.  Or, as Gentleman’s Box says on their packaging: “Required essentials for the savvy man.” The company has a more refined sense to it, paying close attention to detail.  This is evident in their eye-pleasing packaging with nice little touches, and extends to their excellent website that is clean and easy to navigate. Gentlemen’s Box just felt right.

What have you enjoyed most about Gentleman’s Box?

Gentleman’s Box is great because it lets me be myself—a gentleman—but with style and a savvy nature. Although I really like all the items I have received so far, I’m really loving—and getting the most use out of—the fun socks in each box. I was also excited to get the booze/whiskey stones, as I did not have any and have been looking to buy some.

We can pack the most luxurious products into our boxes, but without subscribers like you, Tom, they would never have the opportunity to come to life. Thank you for taking such great pride in Gentleman’s Box and for, most of all, being a fellow gentleman. Stay Savvy.

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