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Grooming a Gent | Grooming Style Tips

If there is one thing our blogs and products tell you, it’s that being a Gentleman isn’t about just highlighting one area; it’s putting all the aspects into place and creating a multifaceted masterpiece out of yourself is what it is about. Imagine going out for a night with a few friends, and you’ve offered to drive. You went and got your car washed and waxed, it’s looking spiffy clean, and ready to have you all arrive in style. However, once your friends get in the car, there are fast food bags all over the floor, and there is dust covering the dashboard, and your passenger seat has a nice layer of a spilled coffee from when you were in a rush the day before. Just because a few things look nice, the rest doesn’t suddenly become unnoticeable. This is the secret to grooming.

Apply this mindset to how you get yourself together on a daily basis. Not just regarding your clothes, but how you look overall. Details can be the difference between a Gentleman and a distraction. Top to bottom, everything can be adjusted and taken care of to keep you looking classy no matter where you are. Your appearance, your scent, your skin condition, all of these are an essential piece to the puzzle. Let’s break each of these down.

Routinely Classy

Before we get into the specifics, it’s important to remember one thing: like anything else in life, a workout routine, a work schedule or eating habits, getting into a routine is the best possible way to get started. These might seem like a bunch of things to check, but none of them are particularly time-consuming. Once you get used to checking one, the next falls into place.

Hair Care

These days there are a thousand hair and beard styles, and that’s a major advantage. Whether you prefer it long, short, clean, or a messier look, it is entirely up to you, but when you pick that style, it’s important to make sure it looks as good as it can. Don’t just assume that because the top of your head or your beard is on point, that the job is done. Pay attention to the details, like that your sideburns are taken care of and clean and for the older gentleman, check ears and nose for those pesky hairs that just insist on peeking out. Get a razor or trimming tool and check the back of your neck as they do for you during a haircut.

If you’re growing your hair out, make sure to schedule pretty regular appointments with your barber or hair stylist. Regardless if you change your look from time to time, this is an easy way to keep everything in line. Another benefit of having regular visits, especially with the same person, is the satisfaction of getting your hair exactly how you want it every time. Another benefit is finding out about the hair products they’ve used in your hair, because what better source is there for ideas or stability than the expert who’s around it every so often? Having hair products ready just makes getting ready that much easier.

Here are some of out favorite hair care products:

This is a small one, but it can be crucial, especially once spring and summer roll around. Take routine care of your fingernails and toenails. You’d be surprised how noticeable they can be. You don’t want to break out your new sandals at a pool party just for ten small surfboards to come poking out for everyone to divert their attention to.

Smooth Sailing

Taking good care of your skin year-round is extremely important.  It’s particularly important during the winter months with the air being so dry, so look into getting good body washes and lotions. Using them on a daily basis will make sure you’re as smooth as jazz. Men should also never be afraid of incorporating a skincare routine into their grooming regimen. You don’t need to have a million moisturizers and eye creams, but investing in a good toner to remove the oils from your face, and a moisturizer to keep your skin from flaking or oily will be very beneficial.

Here are some of our favorite skincare products:

Here are my Two Scents

When wearing cologne or scented sprays, remember that sometimes less is more. You want to smell like a Gentleman, not a combination of a candle store and the cologne section of a department store. Be noticeable, but never overwhelming. Maybe even have a few scents to mix it up throughout the week. A rule of thumb when applying cologne is to apply only 1-3 sprays, and if you want the scent to last longer, apply the scent directly to the skin.

Here are some of our favorite scents:

Take a look in the mirror and make sure you are paying attention to the details, big or small. When you care about yourself, others will notice. Or much more importantly, they won’t notice a lack of care. There’s nothing more classy than putting effort into yourself.