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Why You Should Get Your Clothes Tailored

Everything looks better when it fits perfectly. In commercials for the new exciting cheeseburger,
imagine if the top bun was bigger than the bottom bun, making it look like dinner in a ten-gallon hat. It would bother you, right? Or picture putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The picture is correct, but some of the pieces don’t fit in the designed spaces. Technically it’s a completed picture, but
it just doesn’t feel right, it’s noticeable. Your eyes focus on those imperfections and can’t unsee
them. This is exactly what you want to avoid when dressing like a gentleman. The best way to
stay classy, stylish and symmetrical is by tailoring your clothes.

The Suit that Suits You

Particularly when wearing formal or business casual attire, tailoring your pants and jacket is crucial. You don’t want you sports coat looking like a hybrid between a trench coat and a
poncho. Giving off the vibe like you’re swimming in your clothes isn’t a good look.
Taking the sleeves in can help accentuate any accessories you want to be highlighted, whether that’s a
new watch, cufflinks, a ring. You don’t want the sleeves pulling up to your elbows
or anything, so take the time to find that perfect length.

Baggy pants don’t give off a gentleman’s vibe. Pay attention to the details. The waist may be a perfect fit, but the length might not be. Getting your slacks/khakis/suit pants taken care of have multiple benefits outside of themselves. It can help show off your shoes (which is the first place a lot of people look when inspecting an outfit), and, believe it or not, can help make you seem taller. At the very least, it’ll make you look the correct height. With sloppy, baggy attire, you may appear like you’re melting into the wardrobe. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the pants being too tight is just as big of an issue. Not only is it uncomfortable, but you also don’t want areas to be bunching up, or socks to be visible the entire time. Tailoring the ensemble gives a sharp, pristine look from head to toe.

Confidence Breeds Creativity

Getting your outfits tailored can also help you find your style. Testing out the right fit for new types of pants, jackets, vests, or something you’ve never worn before. You can test out colors you never thought worked for you, even. It could open doors to finding a new unique style, or it could just enhance the ones you know you can rock. If you’re more focused on the accessories, having the clothes themselves fitting perfectly is going to make those accessories pop, blend in, and stand out at the same time. As mentioned before, a nice watch, some cufflinks etc. can all have the perfect avenue to shine in their own right if your clothes aren’t too baggy or tight.

Finding a new style can also be applied to every season. Something to remember about tailoring; you’re not limited to whatever you have in the closet. Tailoring is just as much about being comfortable as it is looking your best. For warmer climates, making sure thinner fabrics fit correctly is a major advantage. Or during the chilly seasons, staying comfortable and pulling off the multiple-layer look can add a level of intricacy and pizzazz to any gentleman’s attire. Tailoring new items helps to reduce the risk of wrinkles or wear and tear.

Be the best version of yourself, gents. When you look good, you feel good. And there aren’t many better ways to accomplish both than by getting everything fitting perfectly, whether it’s for everyday work, the big night out, or everything between.

Gentleman’s Box goes perfectly with the tailored gentleman. Pull off a new tie, some enticing socks, a pocket square, or some slick new shades constantly throughout the year. Look into our subscription packages and see how you can enhance your look literally from head to toe. Stay classy, stay comfortable, and stay stylish.