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Winter Activities | Gentleman’s Guide


With winter in full swing, the next few months don’t just have to be a buffer period until spring. There are plenty of activities to keep yourself, and others entertained this season. Whether you’re looking for something more holiday-oriented, a way to stay warm, or options to embrace the chilly climate, we’ve got you covered.

Maybe you’re the type of person to stand outside watching the snow fall. On the other hand, perhaps you see the white stuff sticking to the ground and head for the nearest fireplace while searching for pictures of warm beaches on your phone. Fear not because there is a wide range of ways to get wonderful winter vibes in your life for the coming months:

Sled on

What is better than reminiscing on old times, getting your friends together, breaking out your sled, and heading to the hill and shredding some snow for a few hours. Make sure you bundle up so you can stay outside for hours on end, just like when you were a kid. Even if it is cold out, nothing will warm you up more than the laughs with your friends and spending quality time with them.

Think “Rink”

Whether you’re a relaxed type or an athlete looking to get their exercise fix, going ice skating during the winter just feels right. Even if you don’t live in an area where there are outdoor rinks, there’s bound to be one within a reasonable distance no matter where you are. If you’ve never skated before, it’s a perfect time to pick up a new skill. Ice skating is also an entertaining date idea, especially if you can find an outdoor rink with holiday decorations around.

Home Sweet Home

Hey, it is winter after all. Some of the weather conditions aren’t going to allow for any outdoor fun. What’s wrong with having a cozy night in? The answer is…nothing at all! But if you’re going to treat yourself to a comfy day indoors, why not spruce things up a bit? If you have a fireplace, get some fresh wood and let the crackling soothe you. If you don’t have one, you can always purchase a portable electric fireplace to make sure you’re not missing out. Set up a couple of movies or your favorite streaming program on the TV, make sure your comfy clothes are ready.

Here’s a professional tip; throw your favorite blankets in the dryer about 15 minutes before you settle in for optimal performance. You’ll thank us when your feet are instantly warm instead of suffering through that five-minute transitional period. While they’re tumbling around and heating up, make a hot mug of coffee or hot cocoa. If you’re feeling adventurous (and are of legal drinking age, of course), you can spice either of those up a little. Try a Hot Toddy, Irish coffee or toss some coffee liqueur or Irish cream in your cocoa.

Invite some friends over for a viewing of your favorite classic holiday film, watch a sporting event, or just put some tunes on and enjoy each other’s company with that real (or electric) fireplace. If you have windows, open those blinds up and take a look outside for some extra aesthetic appeal.

Piece of Cake

There’s just something about the smell of baked goods in the house that can turn any frown upside down. Even if you’re not a regular Betty Crocker, this is a perfect opportunity to brush up on your skills in the kitchen. The food you make yourself always tastes better. Call a relative to see if you can borrow your grandma’s old cookie recipe or watch videos online to see new and innovative ways to be the pastry chef you never knew you were. Never be afraid to experiment a little. Find a plain cake recipe and add your own flavors and flare to it. When it’s too cold outside to walk the dog, try and bribe them with a little treat you made yourself. This activity goes well with the previously-mentioned extras of a movie, friends, date or hot chocolate.

Get outside your comfort zone and learn a new skill this winter. That’s the key to being a Gentleman year-round. Be adventurous, make the season great for yourself and others.



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