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Gentleman’s Guide | Mother’s Day Gifts


Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13th, and it’s time to shower your mother, wife, sister, or aunt, with appreciation and your time, along with a gift they’ll love! We have put together of simple, yet meaningful gift guide to help you find the lady in your life the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!


A flower arrangement may be a very obvious gift, but it’s always a beautiful one and great smelling! Get creative with the arrangement you give, such as her favorite flowers, favorite color, and certain florists even have shapes you can have the flowers arranged in, like a cat or dog! The more personal you get with the flowers, the better!

Here are some of the best websites to order flowers from:






Make it Personal

Nothing would make her tear up more than something that was personalized or handmade. Having keepsakes of her little one’s hands in a molding to see how they’ve grown over the years, photo collages, personalized jewelry, handwritten notes, or even an illustration of a family photo; they’re gifts she’ll cherish forever!

Here are some of our favorite personalized and hand made items!


Pamper Her

Mom’s don’t always get a lot of free time, so why not gift her some with an afternoon of pampering! Gifting her a couple of hours of “me time” along with a massage or mani-pedi, while you take the kids off her hands, will make this Mother’s Day so memorable!

Another great way to pamper her is by sending mom out for a day of shopping! When she comes home, have the house cleaned, dinner on the table, and bubble bath that is waiting or her upstairs! She’ll be in awe of all the effort!

Here are some great gifts to help pamper mom!



All About the Activity

She wouldn’t be a mother without you, so spend time with her! Fun activities like taking a cooking class, going to a sporting event, or having brunch together is a simple yet memorable gift. By you spending time with her, it will mean more than any tangible gift you ever give.

If you’re thinking of spending the day cooking up in the kitchen, here are some fun gifts to give her to help with the experience!


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