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A Gentleman’s Golf Course Attire

Golf is a gentleman’s game, and proper clothing is crucial while out on the course! You can’t be sporting baggy shorts, an untucked shirt or shoes that don’t grip! Today we are going to share three great looks and style inspiration that are perfect golf course attire!

Classic Combo

Nothing beats a neutral pair of golf pants/shorts, a crisp polo, and a fitted hat! For optimal movement and comfort, choose a breathable material such as Dri-FIT from Nike or HeatGear from Under Armor. These fabrics will help you stay cool, dry and protected from the sun. When you go with neutrals, pairing is a simple task, yet still very stylish!

Layered Look

When the weather decides to take a turn, but you’re not giving up your tee time, it’s time to layer up your golf course attire! Throw on a long sleeve pullover or a vest to keep your muscle nice and lose! You can pick a neutral color like blues and grays, or add some color to your look with reds and yellows. Keep the material on the lightweight side so it does not get in the way of your swing.

Colorful Choice

Golf attire allows you to be bold with your choices! When on tour, pros love to have fun with their looks by pairing either a pop of color in their polo, bold bottoms, wearing colorful shoes or a bright hat! You’ll always see Tiger Woods rocking his red and black combo, which shows you can still be bold without stepping entirely out of your comfort zone. Make sure though when you add color to a look, you have a neutral pairing. Rule of thumb: bold top with neutral pants or a neutral top with bold pants.

Step up your golf game even more by pairing our April 2018 Gentleman’s Box honoring the Golden Child with one of these looks! Get yours here!


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