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Gentleman Anthony Urbano

Anthony Urbano

A gentleman not only acts the part, but he looks the part, too. We are highlighting unique men from across the globe. They are fashion influencers and show gentleman-like characteristics.
This week, we would like you to meet Anthony Urbano. He is the founder and editor of the men’s fashion, travel, and lifestyle blog Oh Anthonio. Anthony began to blog as a creative outlet for his interests outside of work as a structural engineer. Since it began in September 2011, Oh Anthonio has become a creative space to share his perspective on all things fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, and FUN!

What is one thing every gentleman should/shouldn’t have in their closet?

Should: Leather Biker Jacket or Navy Suit, Shouldn’t: Anything that doesn’t fit properly.

If I had to give every gentleman out there ONE tip, it would be ____.

When in doubt, stick with the classics. That goes for getting dressed, ordering a drink, etc.

Who is your favorite real-life/fiction gentleman?

James Bond

What is unique about your fashion style?

My style is always changing. I can ride the trends but also stick to the classics. Sometimes I even like to mix both. I just like to have fun with my style.

What does being a gentleman mean to you?

It means presenting yourself well in all ways from the way you dress and speak to your manners and how you treat others.

Be sure to check out Oh Anthonio for some top-notch fashion advice, and connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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