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Fun Winter Date Activities


During the summer months, there are so many activities do to with your date outside like hiking, sitting out on the patio for a beautiful sunset dinner, drive-in movies, and going to the zoo. As soon as the snow hits the ground, it may seem like there is nothing fun to do anymore. Today we are going to share with you fun winter date activities you can treat the special lady in your life.

Have a Baking Day

While baking can seem feminine, it’s all about spending quality time together! Spend the day making and decorating cookies, making a gingerbread house, and getting to know each other better! When all the cookies are done, you can make batches of the baked goods and send them to your relatives, or even donate them to senior living center and bring some Christmas cheer to others!

Get Outside

While it can be freezing out, don’t let that stop you from getting outside and seeing the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer during the winter months! Throw on a few extra layers and go on a winter hike, find a hill and go sledding or even tubing! After a long day outside, you can then head inside, grab a cup of hot cocoa, warm up and relax! This gives you both a great opportunity to talk about all the fun you had and maybe plan another activity!

Light Up The Night

One of the new trends is to sync your lights up with a radio station and have the lights blink to the beat of the music. Find homes in your area who do this, hop in the car, and drive around! You can pack snacks and hot drinks in the car, while you’re driving around talking, and enjoy all the fun lights! You can even rate each home on what ones you liked the best!

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