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How to Tie the Full Windsor Knot

So you want a tie knot to make a statement? It needs to make a great impression without looking arrogant. You need a knot that shows authority, confidence and composure. Then the tie knot you need to need wear is the Full Windsor knot. 

The Full Windsor knot is one of the three essential tie knots you should know how to tie. It’s one of the most popular tie knots around the world and has a strong, firm knot with a symmetrical shape. The large triangular knot will pair well with your wider collared shirts. Also, with one pull, the entire knot comes undone. It stays in place due to the tightness of the knot.

The Full Windsor is just as reliable as it is making a statement. If you want a more modest tie knot, then wear the Half Windsor knot. Many people believe the Full Windsor is a complex knot. Fortunately, it is not as difficult to tie as you would think. Watch the video below and follow the written instructions so you can look confident in the boardroom or down the aisle.

The Full Windsor Knot Instructions

1. Wide End on right, small end on left resting a little above your belly button

2. Bring wide end over small end to the left

3. Pull wide end up through the loop underneath

4. Bring wide end down to the left

5. Pull wide end behind the small end to the right

6. Take wide end up and through the loop in the center

7. Bring wide end down to the right

8. Pull wide end across the front to the left

9. Bring wide end up through the loop underneath

10. Pull the wide end through the front knot

11. Tighten knot then draw up to collar


Many people believe that the Duke of Windsor created the Full Windsor knot. Well, he did not create the famous knot. The Duke typically wore the Four-In-Hand knot with his custom-made ties. His Four-In-Hand looked different than most because his ties were extra wide and made from thick material. The public created the Full Windsor to emulate the Four-In-Hand knot the Duke wore. In the 20s and 30s, American men imitated the Duke’s style in every way possible. The Full Windsor knot grew popular in America in 1936; then the rest is history.

Best Ways to Use the Full Windsor Knot

The Full Windsor looks best at for formal events such as business meetings and weddings. You may see some men wear a Half Windsor knot at formal events. They do so for an important reason. A tall, skinny man with a thinner tie will wear the Half Windsor knot, while a larger man with a thicker tie will wear the Full Windsor. If you’re a smaller guy, a Full Windsor knot will send a powerful message none the less.

The knot also looks swell on a man with a portly build or one that has a wider neck. It also looks great on a man with facial hair or with a round or square face. Given that the Full Windsor is a larger knot, it will cover a larger amount of space. That’s why it’s best to wear it with a wide-spread or cutaway collar. With any other type of collar, it’ll look way too big and bulky.   

You will need a tie that’s a little over 1½ inches longer than the traditional tie, since the full windsor uses a lot of fabric. Use a silk, cotton or wool tie for the best results. Avoid the knitted ties because that will give off a bulky look.