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How To Incorporate Floral Prints Into Your Wardrobe


Floral prints have always been a trend during Spring and Summer months, but a lot of gents though feel the bold print can look very feminine. So how do you find a balance that keeps you on trend and masculine? Today we are going to share with you three different ways to incorporate floral prints into your summer wardrobe!

Suit Jacket

For all you bold gents out there, this is for you. What better way to make a statement at a gathering or celebration than walking into a room with a bold floral suit jacket! You can find a great balance with a bold print by finding one that is a neutral color combination such a navy and cream, or the classic white and white. Here are some great and affordable options we found from ASOS.


Button-Down Shirts

Formal or casual, button-down shirts are a great way to bring the trend into your look. You can pick a more neutral color for a long sleeve, which is excellent for a wedding or family event, or go with brighter colors in a short sleeve shirt for a night out with the guys or date night with your lady. Check out these dapper styles perfect for any occasion.



Accessorizing may be the most popular way to incorporate floral prints into your looks. By rocking a floral tie, pocket square, socks, or even suspenders, it’s a great way to be subtle, yet trendy. Wear a neutral top and bottom so that you can accessorize with the print. Our May 2018 tie from Barry Beaux gives the perfect pop of color and floral print to make a statement wherever you wear it. Check out these options to help liven up any outfit.


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