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Father’s Day

June 21 is Father’s Day, and we’re ready to start the celebrations.
Whether it’s our biological father, an uncle or a family friend––most of us have been fortunate to have an influential man in our lives. For some of us, several respectable males helped shape who we are today.  We can contribute much of our lifestyle to the impact these renowned gents had on our upbringing.
It is because of this that we will be honoring fathers, and father figures, for the entire month of June. We understand that millions of people across the world do not have this type of role model in their lives. This is why it’s even more important for us to continue living upstanding lives and engage with the community around us.

Some of the reasons fathers are so important…

Dads inspire us.

They give us confidence.

They illustrate the right way to treat a lady.

Fathers promote independence.

They teach us how to dress (or not dress).

They support us.

They’ve help us avoid mistakes, or allowed us to make them and learn.

And, of course, they’ve showed many of us how to be great fathers ourselves.

For the rest of June, we’ll be hosting a few contests on our social networks to encourage the conversation about what makes dads so great.

We’re excited to see so much of our community of gentlemen already sharing their insights for our first contest: Tell us what gentlemanly trait every father needs. Some of our favorite answers so far:


My husband and I have 2 daughters. 1 is 7 the other is 3. If I am ever out for an evening, I come hoe to him having tea parties, giving our girls spa night (complete with toe separators for pedicures) or making forts or playing with Lego. A father needs to be fun. – Instagram user queendeeappleby

Every father should be a gentleman; chivalrous, respectful, humility, patience, perseverance, and never demeaning. – Instagram user Tanner_Stewy

Every father needs integrity. Children learn from their parents through words and actions. Doing the right thing, even when difficult, is one of the best lessons one can teach. – Instagram user chistiansilva_

Every father should possess a trait to know when their kids need help. So many fathers today play a back seat roll to parenting. Being proactive to take the lead and no waiting until their help is needed. – Facebook user Vishal Patel

To the gentlemen out there who have proudly taken on the role as father––our hat is off to you. We know the job isn’t always an easy one, but the rewards are endless. Take the time June 21 (and every day) to tell your father or father figure how much he means to you!

Want to give a unique gift this Father’s Day? Orders before June 8 will arrive in time for the celebrations. Ordering after June 8? Don’t fret. We’ll also send you a special edition card letting your gift recipient know his Gentleman’s Box is on its way!