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5 Ways Dogs Can Teach Us How to Be a Gentleman



As a gentleman, you typically don’t want to be called a dog, as it may carry some negative connotations; which, seems a bit counterintuitive seeing as everyone loves dogs! In any case, we can learn a lot from our furry best friends. Aside from a few questionable habits that would be socially unacceptable for humans, let’s take a look at how dogs can help us become more gentlemanly…


Dogs are the most loyal companion. In fact, if a person was as loyal as a dog, it may get weird. Regardless, loyalty is still a very important quality to have as a gentleman, so long as it doesn’t require a restraining order.

We can learn from dogs unconditional love and loyalty in a few different ways. Some of which include being honest, dependable, forgiving others, and being there for those you love.

Plus, what do dogs and loyal gentlemen have in common? They are loved by the ladies.

Oh, and being a loyal customer to Gentleman’s Box doesn’t hurt either, but that goes without saying.


Have you ever wondered why dogs are always so happy? Most notably, it’s due to their innate ability to live in the present. Maybe they don’t exactly have the conscious ability to choose one or the other, but either way, there’s value in this philosophy.

Being in the present means to avoid manifesting pessimistic or negative thoughts and emotions about what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future. By indulging in the now, you can let go of the darkness and focus on the light of life. Learn to learn from the past, live in the present and prepare for the future.

As a gentleman, you should practice positivity and mindfulness. A gentleman is always looking for ways to better himself. A few ways in which you can practice mindfulness include meditating, reading, exercising, journaling, and playing or listening to music.

A gentleman is level-headed, composed and collected. A gentleman is the voice of wisdom and optimism. A gentleman can differentiate positivity, negativity and reality. A gentleman will choose to react to a situation in a way that will better it, instead of worsen it.

Positivity is healthy, not only for your mind and body, but for those who surround you. It isn’t healthy or attractive to hold grudges or exude negativity, in any form.

Stay classy by staying positive!


In congruence with their loyalty, dogs are protective by nature. Their love for their companions is so strong that they will put themselves in harm’s way to protect them from danger. Except in the case of vacuums or fireworks- a dog’s kryptonite.

As a gentleman, it is respectable to have a healthy balance of protective behavior. While being conscious and careful not to be overly protective, a gentleman will always protect loved ones and those who are in need of help.

Protection comes with courage. Just as dogs have the courage to risk their own well being to protect others, a true gentleman will adopt that same characteristic.

And remember, violence isn’t always the answer when it comes to protection… neither is barking or biting but dogs don’t have much of a choice, they’re working with what they have. Gentleman on the other hand, don’t have much of an excuse.


Dogs are the epitome of pure kindness. Kindness with no alternative motive other than unconditional love and giving what is deserved.

It’s one of the many reasons we love dogs so much. Their kindness can brighten our days and be contagious.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should go around licking people, because you might wind up in a psych ward or arrested for sexual harassment. A gentleman will keep his tongue in his mouth until it is invited and consented.

Anyway, the point is that kindness goes a long way and one of the most representative qualities of a gentleman is kindness. Be supportive, helpful, understanding, sympathetic/empathetic, considerate, courteous, friendly, open-minded, loving, thoughtful, compassionate, and so on. Did I miss any other synonyms of kindness? Either way, you get the point.

Being a Good Listener

Honestly, if dogs could understand and speak to us, they would probably tell how ridiculous and minuscule our problems are, how we were gone for too long, how weird we are, how we need to relax, scratch their bellies and throw ‘em a bone.

Dogs are very good listeners. Not only do they listen but they obey our commands. I’m not saying conformity is always the answer for a gentleman, I mean just because it is common or expected doesn’t make it right, right? I digress.

Dogs can teach us to evade the egocentricity and narcissism of a bad listener by genuinely caring what others have to say, practicing silence, not interrupting, making others feel comfortable, being empathetic, present, and nonjudgmental.


All things considered, dogs are not only good boys, they’re gentlemen, and should be treated accordingly. Considering they don’t have opposable thumbs or the intellect to dress themselves like gentlemen, you can show your “gentledog” your appreciation in the most gentlemanly way with a savvy bow collar provided by yours truly. Watch for our new Gentleman’s Box Dog Bow Tie, available next week for a limited time only!

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