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Creative Ways To Reuse Your Gentleman’s Box


In celebration of International Earth Day on April 22nd, we are excited to share with you gents some creative ways you can reuse and recycle your cardboard Gentleman’s Boxes.

DIY Planter

Bring some more green to your home by making your box into a planter! This craft is easy and fun and can be done alone or with your partner. If you are a dad, grab the kids!



Supplies needed:

*1 Gentleman’s Box (cardboard box only)



*Stencils (optional if you want to make a clean design)

*Plastic wrap, a plastic bag or wax paper



*Succulents (we used 5)



Step 1: Cut the top off your box

Step 2: Paint two to three layers on the box and let it dry (feel free to add designs as well!) 

Step 3: To prevent water damage, line the inside of the box with the plastic wrap, plastic bag or wax paper

Step 4: Place a small layer of soil on the bottom of the box and place the succulents on top. Fill in the areas between the plants with a little more soil and top it all with moss.

Step 5: Enjoy it!


Watch how we made ours here:https://youtu.be/6W36I-lpG5U






Other ideas:

If you still have more boxes to reuse or just aren’t into the planter idea, we have included a list of other ways you can be eco-friendly with your leftover boxes.


*Make a memory box. Once it has filled up, go through the items and be taken back down memory lane! Include items such as ticket stubs, flight tickets, photos, hotel cards, small gifts, and cards.

*Get organized and utilize the boxes for storage. They can easily store your socks, ties, small tools, nails, manicure sets, gloves, and so much more!

*Instead of throwing the boxes away, recycle them with your local recycling department.

*If you enjoy cigars, why not use one of the boxes a cigar box. The wood detail gives it a sharp look!

If you have any ways you are currently using reusing the boxes, share it in the comments! We hope to inspire more eco-friendly practices. Happy International Earth Day!


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