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The Best Way To Clean White Canvas Shoes | Fashion Expert Friday



Welcome to this week’s Fashion Expert Friday.

Every week we answer questions from our members in regards to fashion, style, and grooming.

Our first question comes from Instagram User @shimko91.

What is the best way or some tips to clean white/cream canvas sneakers?

I don’t know if this is the best way but I’ll tell you what I use to clean my white canvas sneakers. I take a very old toothbrush, I dip it into bleach and rub the stains off the canvas. It works all the time.

Our second question comes from the same user @shimko91.

At what length should pants hit or fall to get the spring/summer crop look? I want to try this look, but unsure at what length to hem my pants.

Your pant legs or cuff should rest on the top line of your dress shoe or your loafer. Covering the tongue ever so slightly and just above the first eyelet of the shoe. This is the best length for a tailored pants and gives you the best summer/spring look.

Our third question comes from user @beardedyouthmin.

What do you look for in a good set of casual sneakers?

Simplicity, if you do it right and you find the right pair of casual sneakers that are simple in style. You can match them with chinos, you can match them with jeans, wear them with shorts, and even dress pants.

Our last question comes from Facebook user Richard Lawson.

Is it proper to wear a vest with a sport coat?

I wouldn’t say its proper or improper. But it’s a great look when your dressing using suit separates.

Alright, gentlemen that wraps up this week’s of Fashion Expert Friday.

Join us Friday, April 21st for our next episode of Fashion Expert Friday.

Comment below with your questions in regards to fashion, style, and grooming so we can get to them next time.

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