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Gentleman Paolo Ferrari

Paolo Ferrari classic men's style

This week we feature Paolo Ferrari, who explains how he maintains a classic men’s style with a twist. Paolo Ferrari is a young Italian who loves fashion and blogging. He collaborates with several companies such as Baaws Socks and Daniel Wellington watches. Paolo aims to share his love of dressing well and finding the latest accessories. His dream is to one day create his own clothing and accessory line.

What is one thing every gentleman should/shouldn’t have in their closet?

I think that every gentleman should have a blue blazer that can be used in different combinations (depending on the occasion). The blazer can always be worn with a white or blue shirt, giving one a classic style.

If I had to give every gentleman out there ONE tip, it would be ____.

To not follow fashion trends too strictly. We must recognize the value and benefits of a trend and make the best use for your style, do not overdo it because too much of a good thing.

Who is your favorite real-life/fiction gentleman?

As a child I was a fan of James Bond. He dresses sharp, is always elegant, has beautiful women, and has luxury cars. How could you not want to live like him? In real life, I admire two style icons, Nick Wooster and Lino Lelluzzi, although they are very different from each other.

What is unique about your fashion style?

My style is very classic. I own more than 10 white button downs, and I do not like to always seem extravagant. But I do like to distinguish myself by wearing accessories such as a tie or a handkerchief. I like to create different combinations with all of my accessories! This makes me feel more comfortable without going over the top for a clean look.

What does being a gentleman mean to you?

I do not like to generalize what constitutes a gentleman. A gentleman should be characterized as intelligent, polite, respectful, and stylish.

Go check out Paolo’s Instagram for more tips on how to maintain a classic, yet unique sense of style that fits you!

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