I Am A Gentleman

Launching I Am A Gentleman

How many times have you heard the tired sentiment “there are no more gentlemen left”?

Our take on the matter is we feel this way because culturally we have based gentlemanship on superficial and ever-changing trendy ideals. Until the perspective tide is turned on how we evaluate a gentleman, we are doomed to reinforce this negative view. Our call is for gentlemen to answer the bell in a way that is authentic, difficult, & tangible with the I Am A Gentleman Campaign. Each month we will pick an individual that personifies the “gentlemen” traits that embody the Gentleman’s Box brand in a way that connects to each month’s box. Every campaign will be made unique by the individual stories of those we are highlighting. Our goal is to create a robust experience that Gentleman’s Box subscribers will be able to take pride in while continuing to ship the same great products.