Honorably Hustling

“Name an occupation and I’ve either done it or am doing it right now.”

I’ve never heard a more descriptive thesis quote than this one from my friend and this month’s Featured Gentleman, Jaja Smith.

Jaja is half dreamer, half dream chaser - and we love him for it. His podcast “Just A Thought”, gives his two cents on what it looks like to pursue passions and goals in life while allowing the natural flow of life to breathe into it. If you spend more than two minutes with the guy, you can tell that he is the definition of a go-getter. When you get to know him a bit better as I had the privilege to do this month, you can see that behind the hustle is a standard of nobility that seems to say “a goal that is accomplished by cutting corners is no accomplishment at all”. You can’t help but root for someone like that, and we’re proud to have him as this month’s Featured Gentleman.