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The Best Men’s Haircuts By Face Shape [Infographic]

The multi-faceted concept of the modern gentleman is about style, wardrobe, and grooming.  While Gentleman’s Box provides the tools, guys must make some effort to stay stylish. One aspect of the modern gent that requires regular care is your hairstyle.

Gentlemen used to have limited haircut options. Because of the strict dress code of some offices, men often chose business professional cuts over fun, casual styles. Not anymore. Guys have more hairstyle choices than ever. Thanks to a men’s fashion renaissance and the popularity in the undercut and fade haircuts. These “short on the sides, long on the top” hairstyles work well in both the office and home.

A trending hairstyle does not mean that it’s the right fit for you. To help guys with this dilemma, the bloggers at Men’s Hairstyles Today have put together a cool, unique infographic. It breaks down the top men’s haircuts by face shape and makes recommendations.

For example, a lack of sharp features on the forehead, cheek or chin define an oval face shape. For oval-shaped faces, the graphic recommends a fade or undercut complemented by a quiff, comb over, or slicked back on the top. Square-faced men with sharp features usually get buzz cuts, brush ups or messy crops. Some facial hair could also soften the sharpness of the jawline.

The best part is that the resource offers illustrations for the different face shapes and haircuts. So if you do not know your own face shape or do not know the name of a certain hairstyle, the guide can be an educational tool.

We recommend that you find your favorite cut or style. Then research the internet to find a quality picture to take with you to the barbershop. To get the exact haircut you want, have a picture to show to your barber.

Check out the graphic below and find the best haircut for your face shape!

 best men's haircuts by face shape