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Best Christmas Party Outfits For Men

Your work’s Christmas party should be a celebratory time, yet it fills some men with dread. Your outfit says a lot about you, and your colleagues and bosses will use it to make judgments. However, there is hardly ever a dress code other than smart casual.

As a guy, you want to nail your style by dressing to impress without appearing as if you’re trying too hard. And, if you can add a festive tone to your clothes, you’ll win everyone over.

Whether you aim to be the most fashionable guy at the event or just want a casual look that reflects the Christmas spirit, here’s our guide to the best Christmas party outfits for men.

Christmas Party Outfits

Smart Casual Christmas Party

Smart casual attire is casual wear combined with elements that incorporate an upscale look. The men’s fashion experts at TopTrendsGuide define it as casual style meets classy business attire for a sharp and versatile outfit you can wear anywhere.

For many men, it’s the perfect style for a Christmas party, yet it’s the trickiest to pull off due to its contrasting styles. Get it wrong and you’ll either appear dressed up or down, and neither will make a good impression.

To blend flair and a flattering, casual aesthetic, you’ll need tailored pants matched with a button-down shirt. Keep the shirt crisp and stylish so that it is sleek and fits in seamlessly with your trousers. If the weather is good enough, you can roll up your sleeves and add an extra layer of informality. On the flip side, don’t be scared to layer-up with a blazer or cable knit cardigan when the temperature plummets.

Footwear-wise, sneakers are acceptable, but you should keep the style minimal for a fresh, clean-cut. Should sneakers feel too basic, you can swap them out with loafers or suede Chelsea boots. Pair your outfit with a cool haircut like a comb over fade, slicked back undercut, or messy styling and you’ll have a classy look for your party.

Casual Christmas Party

A casual Christmas party vibe is the most wonderful time of the year because you can get away with a pair of jeans, a tee, and some sneakers without appearing underdressed. Don’t go overboard with your t-shirt as it’s the foundation of your look. A plain black color is incredibly powerful because it offsets the other elements perfectly. 

Sneakers are the ultimate casual Christmas party footwear, yet dress shoes work, too. To make the attire edgy and bold, you can opt for ripped jeans, a black tee, and a rocky leather jacket.

Before you decide it’s a casual occasion, you will want to check the guest list. When the bosses are present, it pays to err on the side of smart casual. If it’s coworkers only, casual clothes won’t make the group uncomfortable.

Semi-Formal Christmas Party

Semi-formal attire is similar to smart casual but with more an upscale look. The mismatch of styles forces you to overthink and analyze whether you have nailed the brief. But, you shouldn’t see it as a challenge, rather an opportunity to be flexible and create an outfit that turns heads.

The trick is to remember that semi-formal Christmas events are sleek and sophisticated. With this in mind, take your favorite suit and wear everything but the tie. Then, undo two or three buttons for a more relaxed look.

If you don’t think a full suit is appropriate or comfortable, you can match pants with a lightweight blazer and a dress shirt and shoes. Check the invitation for the timings. During the day, your color schemes and silhouettes should be light and airy – gray or light blue are perfect – whereas you will want to do darker after the sunsets.

Navy blue is a hue that is adaptable and always goes down well at semi-formal events.

Black-Tie Formal Christmas Party

A black-tie Christmas party is about as formal as events get, and you’ve got to be prepared to dress with elegance and class. Typically, nothing but a tuxedo will suffice. If you’ve never worn one before, you should stick to traditional colors to avoid appearing tacky or gaudy. Again, navy blue is an excellent choice. Style-wise, tuxedos aren’t very flexible. However, you can play around with the lapels to switch up the aesthetic without messing with this iconic attire. Peak or shawl lapels work the best, especially with a bow tie and pocket square. Concerning fabrics, silk is very fashionable, as is velvet. The latter is tough to pull off but flattering when you strike the right balance. If you don’t have a black-tie outfit like a tuxedo, don’t stress yourself during the holiday season. There are excellent alternatives and ways to look good without spending a lot if you just plan ahead.

Cocktail Christmas Party

Cocktail party outfits for men mean that you can be quite laid back without appearing inelegant. Moreover, just because there is alcohol at a corporate event, don’t ever forget basic company party etiquette.

For your attire, you’ll need a suit that uses sharp lines to create a clean-cut image that’s refreshing. Implementing light colors works wonders, with muted grays and sky blues capturing the sophisticated-yet-exotic vibe. 

A full suit isn’t always necessary. For the occasions when it isn’t, you pair a blazer and fitted pants with a dress shirt underneath. It is possible to swap the shirt for a white tee if the rest of your outfit is more formal and doesn’t take away from the overall ensemble.

Focus on accessories to ensure your outfit pops. A dark-colored belt will stand out, as will a watch. A pocket square is a fantastic choice because it allows you to omit a tie and maintain a sense of formality. Go sockless to create the ultimate contrast.

Business Casual Christmas Party

Business casual attire is relatively vague, which means you have a lot of room to maneuver with your style choices. Anything acceptable in the office is fair game at a business casual Christmas party, so a suit isn’t over the top. Of course, you might not find it comfortable, or you might prefer to mix up your look if you wear a two-piece often.

In this case, swap the pants for chinos as they have a similar tailored visual. Next, remove the suit jacket and replace it with a blazer. If this seems boring, you can use a thick sweater to create a preppy aesthetic that is formal and laid back in equal measure.

For your footwear, be practical. Brogue boots and Oxford shoes are trendy and chic and won’t hurt your feet.

Winter Christmas Outfits

Winter Christmas parties mean that the weather may not be agreeable. As a result, you’re going to need layers that add style for warmth. On top of your suit pants and jacket, you should try a wool overcoat that drops to your knees. This will make you appear sleeker and slimmer, two features that are very stylish in the 21st-century.

When your winter Christmas party is more informal, you can keep the pants and pair them with a rollneck. Not only are rollnecks insulated – they’re textured and add a different dimension to an outfit.

Accessories should include a scarf that is half in, half out, and shades if it’s sunny.

Summer Christmas Outfits

Summer Christmas parties aren’t the norm, but they do happen. When you’re invited to one, you’ll need light, breathable fabrics to keep you cool in the warm temperatures as shorts are out of the question.

Cotton and linen fit the bill, so make sure your shirt and chinos or suit is made from either. Loafers are polished, giving off a summery vibe, while sunglasses are essential.

What To Wear To A Christmas Party