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Say goodbye to stale coffee, and hello to fresh, aromatic coffee. We are firm believers in the joy a hot cup of fresh coffee can bring, which is why we’ve equipped you with the essential tool to do just that. With Sous Shop, we bring you an easy to clean, and easy to use, coffee grinder with stainless steel blades and sleek design. It can hold up to 80g of coffee beans and will help you create some of your best cups of coffee. 

Good food starts with the right equipment. Sous Shop focuses on just that! They have a passion for unique and quality finds. Whether you’re baking up a storm or finding that perfect piece for home entertaining, they strive to bring you a wide choice of products at affordable prices. Their online store launched in 2018, and since then they have grown rapidly, while still keeping focused on their passion.  With a strong value on customer support, their team is always on hand to help. Whether you are looking for advice on which dinnerware will suit your dining table or you’ve recently decided to make everything from scratch and need advice on a pasta machine, they would be delighted to help! 


To get you started on your journey to amazing coffee, we bring you coffee beans from Blue Sail Coffee. Their slogan is “Coffee for adventures, by adventures.” They believe in the joy of being adventurous at heart and infuse that passion within their work within the coffee industry. They do this by exploring the world to find the best coffee and continually searching for the best ways to roast and brew them.

The Anchor Blend comes from one of their most beloved coffee farmers in Brazil, the Veloso family. Upon their visit to the Veloso coffee farm in 2019, they immediately connected with the Veloso family’s commitment to coffee deliciousness, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. Enjoy the flavors and fragrances of dark chocolate, maple syrup, and molasses with each cup of this blend. 

Get 50% off your first order of the Anchor Espresso Blend when you shop online using promo code GENTLEMAN (Expires: 2/1/21)


Enjoy a fresh cup of joe in your new Forest Coffee Trading Co. mugs. Made from high borosilicate glass, these mugs are durable and lead and BPA-free. They also have a double wall, which keeps your coffee hotter longer. 

A little backstory on Forest Coffee Trading Co; they are a 100% family-owned direct trade roasting company located in Denver, Colorado. They focus on building relationships with small, independent farmers. Most of their coffee beans come from the Northern Thailand village of Doi Chang. Over the last few decades, the forest in this region has been regenerated into beautiful lush vegetation perfect for producing some of the world’s highest quality Arabica coffee beans. Forest Coffee Trading Co. understands what makes good coffee and also what makes a good mug! 


Did you wake with a sore neck from sleeping on your pillows wrong? Do you have a headache from sipping too many drinks last night? Whatever pain you are experiencing, we may have the relief you need! Get real, natural, pain relief with the Capsiva Pain Relieving Gel. Apply topically to any area of clean skin. Capsiva gives you relief from pain, arthritis, headaches, sunburn, burns and more. 

The inventors behind Capsiva, developed a proprietary formula, using the active component, capsaicin, found in hot peppers. When applied to your body topically, capsaicin blocks the pain signal and naturally draws blood flow to that area to support the healing process. Capsiva has discovered a way to remove the heat and side effects from capsaicin and unlock its true benefits. What started as a family secret 10 years ago, is now a perfected blend of natural ingredients, ready for your use.

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Grooming should be a normal part of every gentleman’s daily routine, which is why we have equipped you with The Lawn Mower 2.0 from a leader in men’s professional grooming tools, MANSCAPED. The Lawn Mower 2.0 comes with easy USB charging capabilities, 2 guide combs and a cleaning brush. It is also waterproof, making it safe and easy to use in the shower. 

Founded in 2017, in San Diego California, MANSCAPED is a brand focused on refining gentlemen all over the world, starting with their grooming habits (especially below the belt). Featuring male-focused products, they provide the essential tools needed to keep a man’s most personal area trimmed, fresh and clean. Look no further for a safe, effective, and fun manscaping experience; MANSCAPED has you covered, leaving you feeling confident and energized! 

The Rise And Grind Edition is currently available (while boxes last).