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5 Fall Date Ideas

As explained by Suny College of Environmental Science and Forestry, leaves change color in the Fall because of changes in the length of daylight and temperature. The leaves stop their food-making process, the chlorophyll breaks down causing the green color to disappear, and the yellow to orange colors become visible, giving the leaves that fall splendor.

I’m assuming you paid attention in school when Bill Nye explained what chlorophyll is. Regardless, this romantic phenomenon makes Fall the perfect time to take your schoolgirl crush on a gentlemanly date.

With all the fun associations that come with Fall, we get all giddy when that first cool breeze carrying the scent of dying leaves, snuggles our spirits. Since there are so many great ways to indulge in the diverse foliage of Fall, we came up with some ideas to help narrow down your options…

Haunted House & Hayride

What better way to show your date how brave you are… or vulnerable. Walking through a haunted house, it’s inevitable you’ll share some laughs and screams. Either way, someone will be clinging on to someone else’s arm- let’s just hope it’s your arm.

Another way to show her how tough you are is to brace the straws of hay piercing your ass cheeks on a pleasantly bumpy hayride.

Spooky Movie Night Outdoors

As well-intentioned and gentlemanly you may be, suggesting the Halloween version of “Netflix & Chill” may give off some unwelcomed implications, especially on the first couple of dates. To counteract those creepy vibes, we suggest taking the party outside by a fire. Chop the wood and build the fire. You may even get an “aww.” Plus, if the skies are clear, it’s a great opportunity for stargazing. Maybe learn a cool fact or two about stars to share, but don’t be pretentious about it.

Keep in mind that scary movies invoke a fight or flight or cuddle response, so be prepared for all scenarios.

Cider Mill or Cidery

Cider Mills typically offer a variety of different Fall-themed activities like petting goats, stuffing your face with cinnamon donuts, and chugging apple cider. Cider Mills are cute and all but if you and your date want to spice things up, or if you’re a little nervous, spike that cider or go to a Cidery.

Just avoid bumpy hayrides and corn mazes afterward.

Carve Pumpkins

Of course, we had to include one of the most iconic Fall and Halloween activities. This is a great opportunity to showcase your humor. Go pick out pumpkins together and pick the most ridiculous one. Ugly pumpkins need love too!

Take A Hike

As one of the most scenic times of the year, you’d be doing yourself and your significant other a disservice by not getting out and embracing mother nature’s charming canvas. Look up your local lookout points and find breath-taking view. I prefer to hike because I enjoy the journey and the reward but if you and your date would rather drive, bike, ripstik, segway, heeley, hoverboard, scooter or longboard… by all means.

Anyway, laugh yourself some abs after wolfing down those cinnamon donuts, and don’t be afraid to be spontaneous.

Oh, and of course, be a gentleman while you’re at it. I hope this helps!