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4 Core Pieces in Men’s Fall Wardrobe

Fall is coming, and while it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll dive into a pool of pumpkin spice, you might as well treat yourself to something. You might be one of many types of people – the outdoors person who loves long chilly hikes, the 100% city dweller who notices it’s fall by the changes in the Starbucks menu or a healthy mix of the two. No matter what kind of fall associations, traditions, and tendencies you have, one thing is for certain – you need some gear in order to face the changing seasons head-on. 

We have created a list of essential fall gear and clothing that will make the end of summer a lot more bearable for any guy. Remember – winter is coming, so keep yourself fit, warm, and comfortable! These are the items you should not be forgetting!

Proper Backpack 

There is the late summer and early fall “back to school”  trend – and back to school backpacks aren’t just for the kids. Spring is always seen as the season for new beginnings, but in a lot of ways, Fall signifies it too. We always ended up with a clean record, a brand new beginning, a pristine binder, and clean notebooks at this time of year. 

This is a perfect time to look at your backpack and reassess it. Is it going to survive another season? It’s about to start raining, and if you commute or plan on walking around a lot, it might be a shock to find that what was once waterproof is not so waterproof anymore. If you want to know what the top backpacks for men are for this season, you better look at the materials – you’re going to need water-resistant fabrics and a safe space to store your electronics. 

Backpacks have become one of the top choices for business people – forget the briefcase. Your laptop, extra clothes, and even a gym kit will never fit in a business bag or a laptop carrier. Especially since they’re not quite ergonomic and mass transit-friendly – not to mention if you commute on a bike or anything else that requires hands! 

Keeping Dry

We write this part because we have seen way too many guys in the rain with their cotton hoodies lately, pretending like everything is ok. It’s not! 

Your mom would be shocked. It’s amazing how as little boys, we have all the right rain gear, but when we have to take care of ourselves, this particular part of the wardrobe takes a back seat. Sure, there are no awesome dinosaur designs, but we have to be adults here, right? 

Some of the best places to go to get a rain jacket are outdoor stores. Rain gear meant for the outdoors passes the test exceptionally well in cities too, and it makes you look cool while keeping you warm and dry.

Finding the Right Boots for Fall

Fall is a tricky season – it’s neither summer nor winter. Well – duh. But this means that it’s an “in-between” of sorts. Sometimes it’s warm; sometimes it’s cold, sometimes you might get a full day of sun followed by torrential rain pour. Nothing is certain in this season, and this is why choosing the right shoes might be challenging. 

In order to save yourself from disappointment and wet socks, we recommend getting a set of rubber shoe covers. It’s a secret weapon for those guys who don’t want to take rain boots to work with them, but don’t want to get their nice work shoes wet at the same time. These babies are made of silicone and fit snugly on top of your shoes like a sock. They usually have some sort of treads, so you don’t kill yourself on the slippery pavement – an added bonus. 

This little gadget will extend the usability of your normal summer shoes for a while longer. What’s not to love? 

Get a Scarf

Aah, the scarf – the long-forgotten accessory in the guy world. Yes, fall is all about scarves, but it’s that other side of fall, where intricate colors and pumpkin lattes reside. Right? Wrong. 

If you don’t want to get sick, a scarf is a perfect thing to get. It can take on many shapes and sizes – from a warm and comfortable woolen scarf to a sports performance running snood. Yeah, a snood is a hood-scarf that is so much cooler than a regular scarf. 

Mild sarcasm aside, all of these have one important factor in common. We tend to forget about it – by keeping our neck warm, they protect us from getting sick. Especially if we wear them over our face. You don’t need more sensible advice when it comes to getting a scarf this fall! 


Fall is all about reflection, getting warm and comfortable, and concentrating on not getting a cold or something worse. If you follow our advice, your stuff will be comfortable, you will be warm, and your grandma will be happy.

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