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2019 Oscars Best Dressed


The Academy Award ceremony is known to show off men in traditional black tuxedos, but every year we see more patterns, different fabrics like velvet and stain, and wardrobes that are catching everyone’s eye on the Red Carpet. Here are our top 5 Best Dressed Men at the 91st Annual Academy Awards.

1) Bradley Cooper

A bit more traditional with the black tuxedo, Bradley came dressed in a cumberbund and floppy bow tie adding a different look and feel to his entire wardrobe. Accompanied by his loving mother and beautiful girlfriend, Irina Shayk, they were a shoo-in for the best-dressed category.

2) Michael B. Jordan

What’s not to like about this guy? Great actor, good looking, brought his mom to the Oscars as his date…. Oh, and he wore a killer blue velvet jacket to top off his tuxedo.

3) Henry Golding

The star of Crazy Rich Asians and A Simple Favor took the traditional classic black tuxedo look to a whole level. His custom made Ralph Lauren Black Label tux was worn with a white-on-white-on-white wingtip-collar shirt, vest and bow tie. People took to Twitter voting him in as the next James Bond after seeing him on the red carpet… he certainly has the look down.

4) Mahershala Ali

One of my favorite wins from last night, two-time Best Supporting Actor Winner Mahershala Ali rocked out the red carpet wearing a beanie… well to be exact, a rabbit-fur felt hat. Known for his bold looks and stepping outside of traditional looks, Ali also opted for a three-piece suit completely covered in patterns.

5) Richard Grant

Richard pulled off a dapper look with a red velvet blazer. The contrasting wide peak grey lapel was accompanied by a matching grey vest and black bow tie…. And his beautiful date, his daughter! He makes looking 61 years old really good with his tailored look last night.

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