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14 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Roses, cake pops, stuffed bears, and… rose bears? We’ll do just about anything to ignite those rosy cheeks in the name of love. Beyond all of the hallmark gooeyness and eye-rolling cliches, there is something beautiful about Valentine’s Day. That something is love, and the celebration of. Although, it’s not always easy to find the right way to celebrate. Considering Valentine’s Day opts you in for a thoughtful date, we went ahead and brainstormed 14 ideas for you on the 14th (in no specific order)…

Cook or Go Out to Dinner

If you’re a good cook, whipping up a tasty dish for your significant other would be a great way to showcase your skills while putting a smile on their face. If not, don’t use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to give it your first shot. Instead, use something like HelloFresh, or just cook together! If none of that sounds appealing, you can’t go wrong with Olive Garden.

couple cooking

Rom-Com Marathon

Rom-coms pair well with wine or cocktails, chocolate-covered strawberries, a weighted blanket, and a fire. If this turns out anything like a rom-com, you’ll laugh so hard you’ll spit your wine into the fire igniting the weighted blanket into flames, making your lover gasp and choke on the chocolate covered strawberries… or not.

couple drinking cocktail

Recreate Your First Date

Ah, a nice nostalgic trip down memory lane, sure to get the heart pumping from the PTSD of the awkward nervous butterflies you experienced that day. It’s important to remember the past and appreciate the moments you’ve shared together that brought you to where you are today.

Paint & Pour

The more you pour, the more you will paint like Picasso… or so I’ve been told.

Test Drive a Sports Car

Nothing more riveting than the adrenaline rush of accelerating from 0 to 100 on an open road in a new sports car. Just go to a dealership near you with the fastest cars, dress in your nicest clothes, act like you can afford every car there and pick your poison.

Ice Skating or Roller Skating

Whether you’re a washed-up beer-leaguer or you look like a baby deer trying to cross a frozen pond, ice skating can be a fun way to spend the day. If you’re not near ice and you still own that pair of rollerblades from high school, brush off the cobwebs and go for a knee scraping stroll.

Winery or Brewery

Find a winery or brewery near you and order some flights to share. Too buzzed to drive? It’s Valentine’s Day so forget Uber, hire a chauffeur for the day!


Whether you’re looking at an abstract painting with your hands behind your back acting like you know what it means, or looking at a dinosaur skeleton wondering if you could’ve slid down its back like Fred Flinstone… museums can be fun.

Spa Day

You and yours deserve it, and you know it. You cannot go wrong with a spa day. Prices can be steep though so remember to check out sites like Groupon for some coupons.

Bike Ride or Hike to Watch the Sunset

Hit up your nearest trails and lookout points to watch the romantic sunset. Just remember to check the mileage, ETA and elevation gain of your trek. Also, check the time the sun sets and the weather so you’re not gasping for air and shivering, only to see the sun has already set. That will not go over well, gentlemen.

Pottery class

Yup, cue Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers and reenact that scene from Ghost. Show how gentle a gentleman’s touch can be.


Limber up and ignite the sexual tension for the night. If you’re practicing at home, you can use an online class and get a yoga mat for pretty cheap.


It takes two to tango. Dancing is liberating and sexy… if you’re good at it. If not, embrace it and make your lover laugh.

Comedy Show

Go to a stand-up comedy show to get a good laugh… simple as that!

We hope this helps and that you have a Valentine’s Day filled with love, laughs, and intimacy.