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10 Men’s Spring Fashion Must-Haves

With temperatures finally on the rise after another long winter, it may sound too good to be true, but spring is just a few days away! While you probably won’t be putting all of your sweaters away due to spring’s whirlwind of climates, the lighter few will find a perfect spot among these spring fashion must-haves.

One of the best things about spring fashion is that you have the ability to experiment with colors, or look equally as fresh in neutral tones. Incorporate these pieces in to your wardrobe to open up a variety of mix and match style options.

10 spring fashion essentials you need this season.

Cotton Blazer

tan cotton blazer for men's spring fashion

A cotton blazer provides great versatility, as it can be dressed up or down. For those breezy spring days, a blazer becomes the perfect jacket to complement your ensemble. Cotton blazers are comfortably lightweight and breathable, making it a suitable choice even for warmer weather. If you’re concerned about it being too warm, also consider a linen blazer, which are even more lightweight and breathable than cotton and look equally stylish. Be aware though, that linen wrinkles quite easily. A neutral color blazer adds to the wardrobe possibilities—pair it with a pastel pocket square, and spring is in the air.

Floral Pocket Square

men's spring fashion floral pocket square

A floral pocket square is an easy way to add some spring flare to your wardrobe. The array of colors in floral patterns, such as this one from, allows you to change your look by complementing many different colored shirts. Our favorite combination is with a neutral-colored blazer.

Chambray Shirt

spring fashion for men chambray shirt

Chambray shirts are an American classic that are not only lightweight, but quite comfortable. It’s a lighter version of the timeless denim shirt and provides added versatility. This Japanese chambray shirt from J.Crew brings a colorful twist the typical blue hues of chambray. For a casual look, pair it with jeans. A nice pair of slacks—and even a suit coat—can provide a dressier style.


men's spring fashion navy cardigan

A comfy cardigan can be incorporated as part of your ensemble—or carried in place of your jacket if you’re expecting a change in the weather. A cable-knit design, like the one featured above, will incorporate texture in to your outfit. This allows you to pair it with something as simple as a plain white V-neck t-shirt and still achieve a trendy look. If you’re concerned about being too warm, opt for a thinner style cardigan and stick to cotton rather than wool—although, a fine wool may still be suitable.

Quality V-necks

men's spring fashion v-neck t-shirt

T-shirts are exceptional wardrobe additions, and V-neck styles make this simple look a bit classier. You can find quality V-necks for extremely reasonable prices, making it easy to buy a multitude of colors. While the packaged tees might be suitable as undershirts, don’t rely on them if you’re looking for outerwear; they’re typically very thin and noticeably cheaper.

Short Sleeve Button-Down

spring fashion for men short sleeve button down shirt

A short sleeve button-down shirt can be worn on its own or underneath a crewneck sweater, cardigan or blazer, which allows this piece to be incorporated in many different looks. They’re also available in a plethora of color and pattern options, making it a great way to spruce up your shirt collection if you’d like to purchase a few variations. Your tie may normally be the flash of fun, but shirt patterns such as this one allow you to do the opposite and sport a plain tie without sacrificing style. Vice versa, wear a patterned tie with a plain-colored button-down short sleeve for a more refined use of pattern.

Ankle Flare

spring fashion socks for men

Socks are an effortless way to add some fun to your look. With ankle pants being a prime choice for spring, add some ankle flare with festive socks. Colorful socks are great for casual wear and with business attire. But always remember, no socks with sandals—wear a loafer or lace-up dress shoe instead. Also, proceed with caution when choosing what socks to wear with shorts.

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sunglasses for men's spring fashion

Vintage-style sunglasses are bringing a classic vibe to 2015. Sharp gold and black frames, such as the style featured above, will coordinate nicely with both colors and neutral tones, or consider a complementing brown and gold color scheme. Seeing the sun come back after a long, harsh winter is always gratifying, but even more so when you have shades like these ready to roll.

Versatile Loafer


From sandals to slip-ons, warmer weather opens up a wide range of footwear options. Be sure to have at least one versatile loafer, preferably in a neutral color to accommodate multiple outfits. Loafers pair well with slacks, shorts or jeans— allowing you to keep your options open, regardless of your clothing. You can also wear them sockless, or with a very low-cut, no-show sock for warmer days, or sport your festive socks with a loafer on cooler days.

Light Slacks

twill pants for men's spring fashion

A light-colored pair of cloth pants, such as these stretch twill khakis, make for a comfortable option to dress up or down. The slim-fit style allows you to cuff the bottoms if your shoe style requires or to allow more airflow on a warmer day.

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